InfoDesk acquires Wide Narrow to create powerful insights hub

InfoDesk, a leading enterprise insights software platform, has acquired Wide Narrow Holding, Inc., a competitive and market intelligence SaaS platform. InfoDesk’s proprietary “Smarter Data” technology gathers, normalizes, enriches and summarizes content in real-time from external and internal sources, delivering business-critical insights that help clients increase their competitive awareness, mitigate risks, and make informed data-driven strategic decisions. The acquisition of Wide Narrow’s cutting-edge user interface and intelligence workflow toolset by InfoDesk’s enterprise insights platform will provide greater value to customers of both platforms.

Benefits of the Merge: Enhanced Insights Hub for Enterprise Organizations

The combined company’s SaaS platform will comb through both third-party and first-party data to uncover insights, provide a collaborative workspace for deep analysis (supported by AI), leverage a cutting-edge UI to rapidly build deliverables, and integrate with third-party platforms that stakeholders use every day. The result will be instant access to relevant insights for key stakeholders, supporting informed decision making throughout clients’ Global 2000 customer base.

“With the proliferation of information and niche tools, companies are struggling to deliver unified, curated insights effectively,” said Tim Whitehorn, CEO of InfoDesk. “Our mission at InfoDesk is to provide organizations with the technology to transform workflows and deliver relevant information to the right stakeholders so they can make smarter decisions confidently. Merging Wide Narrow with InfoDesk creates an unrivaled insights hub for enterprise organizations by combining InfoDesk’s industry-leading information tools with Wide Narrow’s analysis workflow and reporting suite.”

Cuadrilla Capital’s Investment and its Implications for the Insights Industry

“InfoDesk is leading the insights revolution – the rapid shift occurring throughout enterprise organizations toward unified insights and seamless access to decision support where stakeholders need it most,” said Michael Richards, Co-Founder and Principal at Cuadrilla. “Our investment, which merges a strong leader in the insights management market with a rapidly growing company in the intelligence software market, reflects our conviction to provide truly comprehensive solutions that help clients increase their competitive awareness, mitigate risks, and confidently make data-driven strategic decisions.”

InfoDesk is backed by investment firm Cuadrilla Capital, which partners with exceptional SaaS companies with strong product-market fit and significant strategic value to drive accelerated growth and long-term success. The firm is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA.


InfoDesk’s acquisition of Wide Narrow will be an important step to drive the company’s solutions further and realize the vision of a unified and modernized insights hub for enterprise organizations. With the support of Cuadrilla Capital, InfoDesk’s technology and innovation will have a more incredible impact on industry leaders moving forward.

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