MakinaRocks Promotes Solution for Companies Struggling to use AI

MakinaRocks, under CEO Sung-ho Yoon and Jae-hyuk Lee, attended the Korea-US Startup Summit, held at Pier 17, New York, USA from Tuesday, September 20th to Wednesday the 21st. Insights into their enlightening service can be heard in an interview with Leo Thevenet, CEO of Lecafedugeek, in a brief interview on the subject of the startup.

When AI is hard to integrate, MakinaRocks offers solutions

MakinaRocks is a startup that aims to solve issues that arise on industry sites attempting to use AI by means of machine learning, reinforcement learning, and deep learning as well as Enterprise MLOps products, and the framework for machine learning integration that Core ML provides.

It creates exemplary AI performance in the energy, semiconductor, battery, and production industries, utilizing its own technology to detect anomalies, optimize control and predict analysis. Additionally, their MLOps product ‘Runway’ connects the development, distribution, and application of AI models seamlessly into the system at production and industry sites, with only a few clicks. This product was introduced during the US-Korean Startup Summit as an ‘Enterprise MLOps platform’.

Runway is made especially attractive to clients by being easily applied, without any prior knowledge of the operation system. After it is installed, it helps to manage the life cycle of AI and machine learning models. It is a key component to companies that operate multiple models of that kind, but as was assured by a company spokesperson, even a singular model could induce continuous performance improvements.

MakinaRocks Link™, on the other hand, converts the ML code scripts written by data scientists in a Jupyter laptop environment into a pipeline used in production. The coworking of data scientists could be improved this way, by sharing and giving feedback using the pipeline, as well as increasing workflow by eliminating unnecessary development on the same functions.

As a spokesperson for MakinaRocks explained, the startup can overcome major hurdles in terms of AI development together with their clients: “Many companies expect to lead growth and innovation using AI, but the percentage of companies that undertook AI projects that actually reach their initial goals is very low. Most projects remain in the PoC stage. In response, our company used our experience on various AI projects to develop a MLOps platform, MakinaRocks Runway, to manage the ML life cycle which includes ML development, distribution, and operation, and maintenance and improvement so that AI and ML models can actually be applied in industry sites and make an impact on business.”

MakinaRocks attended the Startup Summit to introduce this impactful solution to those companies struggling to optimize complex processes such as manufacturing, energy, and battery production. In case of companies with their own existing AI, Runway was to be introduced as a means of creating an ideal MLOps environment for accelerated AI introduction.

The future goal of sales totaling $85 million over the course of the following three years, $66 million of these being product sales on a global scale, are facilitated by the multiple investments MakinaRocks has already received. Among them are Applied Materials, Hyundai Motors, and SK, with a total of $18 million collected thus far. Thus far, the company has achieved $2.2 million in combined sales, now anticipating a turnover of $4.9 million in 2022.

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