Strengthen Your Business Resilience with Dataminr’s New Corporate Security Product

Dataminr, one of the world’s leading AI companies, has launched new tools that will help Corporate Security teams protect their businesses, assets, and people from active threats. The end-to-end product is designed to detect risks and high-impact events in real-time. 

Dataminr Launches New Tools for Corporate Security

Dataminr has announced the launch of its new end-to-end product that enables Corporate Security Teams to protect their businesses from real-time risks. The world-leading AI platform within the product allows physical security teams to receive alerts through a geovisualization view and collaborate on a response.

Features of Dataminr’s New Product for Enterprise Security Teams

The new tools in the product will efficiently monitor the risk exposure of enterprise businesses and initiate crisis response. In addition, the product provides assessment of traveler safety and notifies employees of active threats.

  • Dynamically add and manage employee locations with integrations to HR and travel platforms—synchronizing work locations and travel destinations.
  • Create targeted employee notifications directly from alerts.
  • Collaborate across teams on actions and notification plans using integrated incident management tools.
  • Poll employees and receive responses to assess impact and personal safety.
  • Rapidly discover and prioritize risks by employee location through highly relevant alerts and geovisualization tools.
  • Operate with speed and efficiency using customizable message templates.
  • Notify and confirm the safety of employees through multiple modes including text, email, and voice.
  • Track resolution with dashboards that include impacted employees, delivery, and response rates.

How Dataminr’s AI Platform Helps Strengthen Business Resilience

According to Jason Edelboim, President and COO of Dataminr, “Dataminr Pulse for Corporate Security enables organizations to strengthen business resilience in a rapidly evolving risk landscape.” With more advance tools and HR and travel integrations, the end-to-end product helps improve planning for and responding to dynamic risks.

Dataminr is one of the world’s leading AI businesses that delivers the earliest warning on high-impact events and critical information far in advance of other sources. It enables faster response, effective risk mitigation and stronger crisis management for companies. One of their other products, Dataminr for News, is used by more than 650 newsrooms and over 30,000 journalists worldwide.

In conclusion, Dataminr’s new end-to-end product for Corporate Security teams aims to make businesses safer and minimize disruptions so that security teams can plan for and respond to dynamic and unforeseeable risks with speed and efficiency.  


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