ReasonLabs Launches Safer Web: The Ultimate Cybersecurity Solution for Home Users

ReasonLabs, the cybersecurity company that provides top-notch cybersecurity products to consumers, has launched Safer Web, a DNS filter that offers home users the same level of cyber protection used by major global companies.

Introducing Safer Web: A DNS Filter for Home Users

Safer Web is a privacy-focused tool that is designed to safeguard home users from data trackers, unwanted ads, and ensure safe browsing experience for the whole family. It is an easy-to-use internet filter that comes preloaded with features suited for adblocking and parental control.

Safer Web utilizes a number of threat intelligence and behavior analysis technologies to block domains associated with malware and phishing. The tool filters out explicit URLs, and harmful content, and limits access to a wide variety of commonly used apps and websites that users deem unsuitable for themselves or their children. By preventing browser tracking and user monitoring through various types of applications on a native device, users can receive upgraded personal privacy protection as well as experience increased internet connectivity speeds.

Features of Safer Web: Privacy, Parental Control and More

“Our Safer Web DNS filter was developed to provide a safe browsing experience for all,” said Noam Weizer, VP of Apps Distribution and Business Development at ReasonLabs. “Part of Safer Web’s appeal is that it is extremely easy to use and can be operated with just a few clicks. It’s the perfect application for parents to utilize in order to keep their kids safe and protected online. Paired with our mobile application FamilyKeeper, parents can be on top of their kids’ digital lives 24/7.”

The addition of Safer Web to ReasonLabs’ suite of cybersecurity products aimed at consumers brings an added layer of safety and security for its users. Led by cybersecurity, AI, and machine-learning experts, ReasonLabs provides the highest levels of defense and privacy protection to individuals and families worldwide.

ReasonLabs: Empowering Individuals with Enterprise-Grade Cybersecurity

The launch of our DNS filter Safer Web is a huge milestone for ReasonLabs. Safer Web helps us deliver on our promise to provide best-in-class privacy and security protection to home users around the world. By supplying a DNS filter that’s specifically built to the enterprise standard, families and individuals can surf the web safely and with confidence, knowing they are protected.

Kobi Kalif, CEO at ReasonLabsReasonLabs is a cybersecurity pioneer equipping tens of millions of families and individuals worldwide with the same level of cyber protection utilized by Fortune 500 companies. Its suite of cybersecurity products aimed at consumers, which includes a Next-Generation Antivirus, Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), VPN, browser protection, parental control app, and more, combine to form a multilayered solution that safeguards home users against next-generation threats. Safer Web is available for download today with multiple subscription options and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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