iVALT Unleashes Growth Potentials with Secure Access Solution

In a bid to enhance secure access and drive business growth, iVALT, a pioneer in identity solutions, is offering monetization opportunities to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and System Integrators (SIs). iVALT’s innovative Zero Trust solution replaces the need for conventional usernames and passwords, redefining security measures for enterprise clients.

iVALT’s Innovative Identity Solution for ISVs, MSPs, and SIs

iVALT’s ground-breaking identity solution is designed to be flexible, easily integrating with existing platforms and applications. The company employs over five factors of identity in a single click, including biometrics, device ID, geofencing and time windowing, unique application IDs, and dynamic variables. This synergy offers unparalleled identity verification, making your phone number your user ID, which can be confirmed with just one click on your mobile device.

The Benefits and Integration of iVALT’s Secure Access

By adding iVALT’s secure access solution to their services, ISVs, MSPs, and SIs can unlock the potential for revenue-generating identity services. iVALT’s CEO, Baldev Krishan, points out that their system provides a convenient way to enhance the identity capabilities for their clients. iVALT’s system can replace existing two-factor authentication digits with a single click, making it significantly more user-friendly.

Partnership between iVALT and P3iD Technologies

In a recent partnership with P3iD Technologies, iVALT’s unique identity solution has been integrated into the services provided to P3iD’s client, Pinnacle NetworX. Employees now have the choice between traditional login methods and iVALT’s secure one-click solution. P3iD’s CEO, Kevin Neal, acknowledges the immense value addition that iVALT’s platform brings to their offerings.

In summary, iVALT is revolutionizing secure access with their innovative identity solution. By integrating their system with ISVs, MSPs, and SIs, iVALT is providing revenue opportunities and enhancing security measures for their enterprise clients. With successful partnerships already established, iVALT’s future in the tech industry appears very promising.

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