LG Enthralls France with Color-Changing InstaView Fridges

In a grand move to bring its color-changing refrigerators to more European homes, LG Electronics has launched its state-of-the-art InstaView with MoodUP fridge lineups in France. Marking this significant move, the company hosted an event right on the iconic Champs-Élysées.

LG Launches InstaView with MoodUP in France

After successful launches in Spain, Germany, and Italy, LG has brought its InstaView fridges with MoodUP to French consumers. The company has augmented the dynamic line-up with a new bottom freezer model, resonating with customer preferences across Europe. LG’s color-changing refrigerators offer a smart and customizable culinary experience that reflects the user’s mood and personal taste.

Innovative Features of the New LG Refrigerators

The new refrigerator line-ups come packed with innovative features designed to enhance the customer experience. Users can apply up to 170,000 color combinations to the color-changing LED door panels through the LG’s ThinQ™ app, allowing every kitchen to have its unique ambiance. The distinctive InstaView door panel also improves convenience and energy efficiency by allowing users to see inside without needing to open the door. The refrigerators come equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, promising music and podcasts from user’s favorite streaming apps. Another fun feature is the Color Alarm, communicating with users through LED door panels, producing a unique interaction.

LG’s Memorable Launch Event at Champs-Élysées

The launch event, dubbed Le Grande Pique-Nique des Champs, attracted over 4,000 attendees and provided hands-on experience with LG’s latest refrigerators. LG also provided picnic baskets with essential items and fine food from specially-erected culinary booths. The event had a vibrant ambiance with eight different experience zones, each offering a unique atmosphere delivered in part by the color-changing refrigerators.

In summary, LG Electronics continues to enhance its global presence with the launch of its InstaView with MoodUP refrigerators in France. The innovative features, coupled with customizable design, make these refrigerators a desirable addition for consumers wanting to add a dash of personality to their kitchen. The successful Champs-Élysées launch event showcases LG’s commitment to providing a unique and enjoyable experience for its customers.

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