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Kakao Commerce reveals 100-day performance of Kakao Shopping Live Beta Service

A quick work about Kakao Commerce. Kakao Shopping Live expands product types and exceeds 5 million cumulative views in just 25 times. Established superior content planning/production capabilities by preparing exclusive infrastructures like a new team and studio. High accessibility based on KakaoTalk, convenient communication between seller and consumer, and outstanding contents. Announced synergy in the future by integrated marketing with KakaoTalk Shopping・KakaoTalk Gift・Kakao Makers.

image1 1 Kakao Commerce reveals 100-day performance of Kakao Shopping Live Beta Service

Kakao Shopping Live, is presenting specialized live commerce by diversifying content and product types. The number of Kakao Shopping Live Talk Channel friends has steadily increased to one million. The cumulative number of live viewings from 25 live events exceeded 5 million views.

Live commerce is a service that provides product information through real-time mobile broadcasting. Sells products through interactive communication between sellers and consumers. With the recent spread of the social atmosphere that favors non-face-to-face consumption due to COVID-19, it is becoming a new form of consumption.

Kakao Commerce strengths: product types, active infrastructure and specialized content

Kakao Commerce has been expanding its product range, including childcare products and health foods since its first live show as a fashion product. Also, an exclusive team for Kakao Shopping Live was established for partners who had difficulty in establishing a production system. In addition, product MDs/experts/influencers participated directly from content planning to directing. And live broadcasting to communicate with consumers and provide effective usage and product information to increase credibility and enhance superiority.

image2 1 Kakao Commerce reveals 100-day performance of Kakao Shopping Live Beta Service

At COSRX Pad Live, a beauty product, makeup artist Hahm Kyung-sik and beauty influencer RosePix introduced the products and gave summer skin care tips, selling more than 5,000 sets. To maximize product’s features, the National Geographic Cabin House Tent & FW Summertime Clothing SALE show was conducted outdoors. With a camping professional YouTuber and recorded more than 400 million sales.

Also, Kakao Shopping Live boasts high accessibility that can be easily used as a KakaoTalk talk channel. In Kakao Shopping Live, you can also set a reminder of the scheduled broadcast date and re-view past live commerce. Also, by supporting close communication between sellers and consumers through KakaoTalk chat, inquiries about products during broadcast can be made in real time. And responses from product planners and experts can be received immediately.

Thanks to this growth, Kakao Shopping Live plans to further diversify product types and increase the number of broadcasts from this month. In addition, it is planning to create synergy with the integrated marketing with Kakao Commerce’s service.

The viewers and sales of Kakao Shopping Live are steadily increasing. This growth is expected to continue in the second half of this year as well. We will also increase the number of events as well as increasing the convenience and satisfaction of shopping by expanding the expert pool in many areas.

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