Top enterprises that embraced change during COVID

COVID-19 has influenced all businesses, minor or significant. The massive wave of economic downfall affected each of them. Yet, various corporations accepted the change and mended their strategies uniquely to approach their audience. 

Top Enterprises which acted fast

Let’s get into the companies that ratified the new normal and changed accordingly for their better future; maybe you could learn something from their ideas. 

All birds on AliBaba

all birds shooes

All birds is a footwear brand that started retailing on the famous e-commerce site Alibaba, and they have been thriving since then.

This was possible due to the increase in staff. They combined their team and assigned them different parts and areas smartly, so the customer demand is fulfilled whatsoever. 

All birds also added that coronavirus was a bright chance for them to work on their online and digital tools to be ahead in the virtual market. 

What did Bissell do? 

Bissell is a floor care company in Michigan that take care of all the services related to your flooring, from cleaning to installation. 

They survived the economic downfall that coronavirus brought with it by merely observing. They took out their analytical statistics and saw which product was in demand with which group of people. 

Online sessions regarding how to use a specific product were hosted, and the sales increased in a drastic number. 

Viva Naturals for the win

Viva natural is a healthy lifestyle-related firm which operates in Canada. They were also one of the corporations who focused on customer demands. 

Viva Naturals took this break like time to figure out where they could improve. And started campaigns for their products to the focused audience only, and as expected, the sales shot up breaking their expectations. 

Michael kors in the house! 

We all know this brand, ladies, all of you must have longed for the handbags by MK right? They were also pretty creative when it came to the new range release. 

Usually, when any range or product was released, they would host a grand live fashion show. A fashion walk isn’t possible right now but being live is! MK is using social media tools as a new way of marketing, such as Instagram lives, and polls. 

How did Shanghai fashion week go? 

Keeping up and handling brands is one thing during the COVID-19 but missing out on a whole fashion week, and losing too much revenue is another. 

But the Shanghai store didn’t let that happen; they hosted their fashion week through a worldwide live stream, almost 11 million people were able to watch it, and they generated nearly 2.82 million with the purchases done through the online market. 

Shanghai fashion week online 2020

The store also added that the live stream was a significant breakthrough and it worked perfectly for more exposure. 

Not to forget, organizers around are thinking to host London fashion week live too. 

Final thoughts

In the end, these strategies are something any minor business would be able to apply to make their firm significantly more successful through the coronavirus. 


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