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Korea Digital Content Roadshow Open online

A tempting offer to get you access to the right network and information about the most developed Korea’s digital content

The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted brick-and-mortar marketing activities, such as exhibitions and business meetings being cancelled or postponed globally, and as a result, companies are going through difficulties in identifying sales channels. To seek out a breakthrough under this situation, the Ministry of Science and ICT (Minister: Choi Kiyoung) hosts this online business roadshow for two weeks from October 12 (Mon.) together with the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA / President: Kim, Chang Yeong).

A contactless Business roadshow in Korea!

r1 800 Korea Digital Content Roadshow Open online

2020 Digital Content Online Business Roadshow is a contactless program aimed to build online global business network particularly targeting North America and Europe as strategic markets that are to commercialize 5G network. This roadshow will be participated by 11 emerging digital content companies that combine new technologies. Including virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), throughout various industrial fields, including education, health care, lifestyle and platforms.

Visitors can explore 24/7 Virtual Exhibition halls where they can watch promotional videos featuring unique characteristics of each company or its products. Browse downloadable digital documents, access to pitching videos, ask questions in real time. And finally arrange meetings with the digital content business partners in Korea.

pr meeting request 800 Korea Digital Content Roadshow Open online

It is also said that there is a promotion event if you look around the VR booth and participate, you will get points to exchange it for a gift. Anyone from all over the world who is interested in digital content can participate with free registration. So do not miss this opportunity to meet Korea’s sophisticated and advanced digital content using ICT technology throughout our life.

Here’s a list of companies you should meet

Enable Wow

image Korea Digital Content Roadshow Open online
Based on iOS/Android Tablet and Smart Phone fantastic Presentation&Show Making App
[Movable Hyperlink Trigger Solution]Web, App, Embed also solution services for various display industries

FRONTIS Corporation

image 1 Korea Digital Content Roadshow Open online

AR Beauty Mirror Solution that allows consumers to consult on skin problems and recommend skincare products through skin analysis, augmented reality, and AI Chabot.

Letsee, Inc.

image 3 Korea Digital Content Roadshow Open online

Letsee WebAR Platform utilizes web ecosystem, which is an open contents platform where it can utilize limitless contents in a timely manner. The key benefit of WebAR is that it is available on mobile web, eliminating the need for users to download app.


image 4 Korea Digital Content Roadshow Open online

LUXROBO’s smart block MODI is the most innovative product that can provide creative software education in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Nuvi lab

image 5 Korea Digital Content Roadshow Open online

AI Food Scanner, This scanner measures food intake, analyzes eating habits, and provides customized healthcare advice


image 6 Korea Digital Content Roadshow Open online

mojitok offers end-to-end, cloud-based content solutions for communication apps to convert users into paying customers. With a library of 120,000 GIF stickers, and SDK equipped with AI, we deliver superior UX and monetization for messaging, social media, camera apps, and more.

PlayCurio Co., Ltd.

image 7 Korea Digital Content Roadshow Open online

The Curio AR Play series is an O2O learning tool that enables kids to create educational synergies and increase communication efficiency.

StudioCOIN corp.

image 8 Korea Digital Content Roadshow Open online

ForumVR is collaborative learning VR game where team members consisting of one experiencer and 5-10 participants join through conversation and discussion.
At the end of the game experience, the children get together to organize and express their thoughts on each topic.

Visang Education Inc.

image 9 Korea Digital Content Roadshow Open online

Interactive digital learning program by using smart boards and tablets


image 10 Korea Digital Content Roadshow Open online

Share Experience / Beyond HMD / Unlimited View

Woongjin Thinkbig Co., Ltd.

image 11 Korea Digital Content Roadshow Open online

ARpedia shows a whole new world of book reading with various technologies. It presents virtual images overlapped on the real world, screens engage your body and you interact with what you see. This definitely demands more than your eyes when reading.


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