Are businesses returning to pre-Covid state?

When will you be able to resume your everyday life? Let us be real here, we all miss the fresh breeze and summer sun on our faces, meeting friends and partying, staying close to loved ones and relatives; it’s kind of a bummer that we can’t enjoy all this due to the COVID-19 restrictions

Apart from our personal lives, our professional lives are also quite disturbed due to the lockdown and quarantine environment. The shops are closed, the malls are shut down, the market and bazaars are empty, and has drastically affected the economy. 

d Are businesses returning to pre-Covid state?

But recently, the wave of coronavirus has somewhat slowed down, and after months of waiting, business is gradually returning to their pre-COVID state. 

What is the pre-COVID state, you ask? 

The situation that the business was in before the coronavirus ruined them is the ore-COVID state or, as you may say,” the everyday normal.” 

But how can we know for sure if the business is returning? 

Signs which tell us that businesses are returning to their pre-COVID state. 

Well, we don’t need any sign because the government issues the measure to take regarding the coronavirus, including how the business would start.

After the businesses were exhausted after the closure, the financial state of the whole world was dropping down due to the blockage of import-export and industry in general; it was a need to resume the business world rather than a want. 

The first round

The initial steps were that significant businesses, including a grocery store, marts, dairy, etc. we’re said to open with the right sops such as maintaining social distancing, masks, gloves. There was also an additional rule that clearly stated that only one single person would leave the house to buy all the essentials. 

The second round

After the wave of coronavirus slowed down, the government gave the green light to resume to open the Malls and other outlets, but that too with the right precautions taken, any business not following the SOP’s was banned for a few days or maybe a week. 

The third round

We can say that the third phase of business returning to pre-COVID state is still in the process; almost all the company worldwide has opened entirely with the right timing. But we can’t claim that the situation is altogether pre-COVID. 

This is because social distancing and restriction factor is something which is still pulling the businesses down. For example, spas are open, but people prefer to stay at home because it involves making contact. 

So ,when will the businesses move to their original state again? There is no prediction of that because we are not sure when the virus will wear off. 

Final verdict

This time and situation are for sure tough on business and corporations worldwide; we never know when we are going to return entirely to our pre-COVID state. 

The best way to make things easier for each other is to bring one another up with emotional, moral, and financial support. 

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