KX Launches kdb Insights Enterprise on Microsoft Azure with Syneos Health as the First Customer

KX introduces kdb Insights Enterprise on the Microsoft Azure platform, an AI management platform designed for temporal data generated by digital transformation. Engineered to provide access to temporal data on real-time and massive historical datasets with Azure native tools for data scientists and application developers, kdb Insights Enterprise on Azure has significant performance advantages at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions. The go-to-market strategy for KX will be to target businesses where time-series and machine data processing and analysis is a priority. Syneos Health will be the first client, deploying KX across various use cases to drive greater value with faster and more successful clinical trials, leading to the development of new drug treatments.

Transforming Businesses with Timehouse AI Management Platform

kdb Insights Enterprise on Microsoft Azure represents the industry-first Data Timehouse, which provides businesses with access to high-precision temporal data on real-time and massive historical datasets using native Azure tools. The platform aims to transform businesses into real-time intelligent enterprises by accelerating their data and AI-driven innovation. The innovative platform extends the capabilities of data warehouse and lakehouse technologies and offers unmatched scalability and speed in processing large volumes of data.

Syneos Health Joins as First Customer

Syneos Health, a leading clinical research organization, signed a multi-year subscription contract with KX to leverage the power of kdb Insights Enterprise on Microsoft Azure. The platform will help drastically reduce the time it takes to execute clinical trials and discover new drug treatments using features like disease modeling for virtual clinical trials and patient journey mapping. By leveraging the platform’s performance advantages, Syneos Health aims to bring new drugs to market faster, increasing the likelihood of successful clinical trials and driving greater value from faster trials.

KX and Azure Partnership Enables Transformative Growth

KX CEO Ashok Reddy commented, “The launch of kdb Insights Enterprise on Microsoft Azure as a first-party service is a watershed moment for KX… We continue to see enormous opportunity for our strategic partnership with Microsoft, helping to underpin our growth expectations.” The Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Cloud for Industry, Corey Sanders, added, “In partnership with KX, we’re excited to launch one of the industry’s first data timehouses on the Azure platform…We look forward to working with KX to help businesses achieve transformative growth with kdb Insights Enterprise on Azure.”

With kdb Insights Enterprise on Microsoft Azure, KX and Microsoft provide the industry’s first Data Timehouse, empowering businesses to truly become real-time intelligent enterprises with the power and performance of kdb and the benefits of the Azure platform.

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