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Mobiltech Presents immersive 3D City Data Solution, ‘Replica City’, at Korea-US Startup Summit

Mobiltech, under CEO Jaeseung Kim, attended the Korea-US Startup Summit, held at Pier 17, New York, USA from Tuesday, September 20th to Wednesday the 21st.  Here they showcased their new 3D City Data Solution, ‘Replica City’, and met with Leo Thevenet, CEO of Lecafedugeek, for a brief interview on the subject.

Mobiltech challenges the way organizations perceive Seoul

Mobiltech, an AI-based startup, has successfully created a 3D space scanner that can replicate existing spaces as 3D spatial information. This information has been used for self-driving vehicles, delivery robots and the like for thirty different clients, both from Silicon Valley as well as other foreign and domestic places.
Currently Mobiltech is looking to expand business by introducing a digital twin service that creates 3D precision maps, an expanded reality and metaverse service.

The first of the two primary services that Mobiltech offers is the 3D city data solution named “Replica City”. It is a location map that depicts the real world with extreme precision and gives a highly immersive experience to users. To create this effect, Mobiltech developers used self-developed equipment attached atop a car and performed daily city scans. The places of interest were then recorded for the database, to then automatically be modelled in post-processing.

This service targets the private sector for the development of unmanned vehicles, virtual production, simulations, and UAM as well as local governments, who can both benefit from constantly updated 3D information, rather than flat, nondescript 2D roadmaps. The tedious, long process of gathering the data necessary is bridged by this service, specifically through AI automation.
The result is a highly precise map accurate up to 3cm. Cameras and LIDAR data combined with the AI allows for automatic updating, thus securing the competitiveness and accuracy of the map.

The second of the primary two services offered, the high-precision sensor system, has been creating a business portfolio through its cooperation with Hyundai Motors, various universities and research facilities.
This expansion has resulted in a total of 10 billion KRW in sales, as well as recognition of Mobiltech’s technological capabilities by significant financial institutions, Naver and Hyundai Motors, securing the company 8 billion KRW in investments.

Plans for the future include continued cooperation with new partner companies and local governments such as that of Seoul, Pohang, Daejeon, and Jeungpyeong, in the metaverse and digital twin businesses.
Additionally, the region depicted in Replica City is to be expanded to cover the entirety of Seoul, beyond the Gangnam station area, which itself is due for continuous updates.
The results of this project are expected at a showcase ‘Replica City Seoul’ in next year’s CES.

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