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60Hertz Presents Renewable Energy Management Software at Startup Summit

60Hertz, under CEO Jong-Kyu Kim, attended the Korea-US Startup Summit, held at Pier 17, New York, USA from Tuesday, September 20th to Wednesday the 21st.  Here they met with Leo Thevenet, CEO of Lecafedugeek, for a brief interview on the subject of the software they introduced.

All renewable energy, tracked on a single map, by 60Hertz

60Hertz is a startup that creates virtual software for the management of distributed energy systems, such as renewable energy powerplants. Their “Solar and Wind Map”, a service that indicates 80.000 renewable energy powerplants in Korea on a map, and then estimates the generated power is particularly notable.

The “Renewable Energy Map”, released in the past year, is helpful to those looking for information about renewable energy, specifically the powerplants producing it, and want to take part in the project. Additionally, the producers of said energy can benefit from the services offered by the power output prediction and the energy management system software. The profitability of the project is expected to increase due to lowered maintenance costs for powerplants by means of the service.

Their service for the prediction of energy output, and their energy management system have been tested, and proven by a trial in an 800MW renewable energy powerplant. Additionally, the company received honors by the Minister of SMEs and Startups, whose award for excellent use of public data was presented to 60Hertz in 2021. The startup had also been selected for the startup promotion program set up by Hyundai Motors, SK Telecom, and LG Electronics.

Moving forward, 60Hertz plans to develop several services for EVs and smart appliances, as well as preparing a business for next year to sell eco-friendly energy to companies.

According to a 60Hertz spokesman, “Our company’s energy management system can be applied to various distributed energy systems like solar power, wind power, fuel cells, ESS, and will make efficient plans by predicting the supply and demand of energy based on this. We expect to be able to pioneer the market by providing these advantages to various energy producers.”

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