MAXHUB Unleashes Game-Changing Teams Room Transformation Kit

Meet the MAXHUB XCore Kit: an all-inclusive device capable of upgrading bring-your-own-device (BYOD) rooms into Microsoft Teams Rooms. The product is a part of the wider MAXHUB XT Series, offering supportive solutions for collaborative spaces.

Transforming BYOD Rooms with MAXHUB XCore Kit

Centre stage in the transformation of your BYOD meeting rooms is the MAXHUB XCore Kit. Specifically designed for small to medium-sized spaces, this kit boasts seamless integration with pre-existing meeting room systems. The incredible ease of installation and compatibility with the likes of MAXHUB’s towering 105-inch 21:9 display ensures a straightforward transition to an immersive meeting experience. The following are notable features of the XCore Kit:

  • An equipped Windows-based compute module
  • Touch console with antiglare 10.1″ Full HD touch screen
  • A one USB-C cable system
  • Seamless integration with MAXHUB
  • A 3-year warranty and local support

MAXHUB XT Series: A Comprehensive Solution

The MAXHUB XT Series serves as an excellent choice for hybrid meeting spaces, effortlessly integrating with Microsoft Teams Rooms. The Series flaunts an expansive product portfolio, featuring console kits, peripherals, and a diverse selection of cutting-edge display options. Furthermore, a comprehensive array of audio and video peripherals, as well as various commercial displays, allows for easy customization to meet specific requirements.

About MAXHUB and Its Commitment to Innovation

Being an R&D-led organization, MAXHUB’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions extends beyond hardware. With the MAXHUB XT Series, users get superior devices as well as a one-stop shopping experience for all their meeting room needs. This approach embodies this industry-leading provider’s commitment to creating seamless, efficient, and innovative meeting solutions.

In summary, the MAXHUB XCore Kit, standing at the forefront of the MAXHUB XT Series, provides a solution that transforms BYOD rooms into Microsoft Teams Rooms. The kit’s ease of installation and integration with existing systems, alongside an expansive product portfolio offered by the XT Series, positions MAXHUB as a torchbearer in integrated communication and display solutions.

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