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Redefining legal linguistics: How Bering lab’s AI is shaping the future of secure translation – CES 2024 Seoul Pavilion

Bering lab’s, security of the future. At the heart of CES 2024’s bustling innovation showcase, the Seoul Pavilion shone particularly brightly, highlighting the burgeoning technological prowess of Asian startups. Nestled within the futuristic vibes of Eureka Park, the hub for cutting-edge advancements, Bering Lab stood out with a mission to redefine legal translation in the age of artificial intelligence. As a fledgling South Korean startup, Bering Lab emerges as a compelling alternative to behemoths like Google Translate, offering precision and data privacy where generic translation tools fall short. During an engaging interview conducted by the Startup World Tech team, Bering Lab unveiled its tools and vision for a future without language barriers, encapsulating the journey toward seamless and secure multilingual communication across the global translation market.

Interview CES 2024 Bering Lab Inc IMG 5376 1 Redefining legal linguistics: How Bering lab's AI is shaping the future of secure translation - CES 2024 Seoul Pavilion

Bering Lab’s innovative path to legal translation dominance

The startup Bering Lab has carved a significant niche within the translation sphere with its innovative AI-powered engines. These engines stand poised to disrupt the current market, offering a service that is twice as efficient as traditional tools like Google Translate. Focusing on the legal and intellectual property domains, Bering Lab confronts the inefficiencies and data privacy issues that plague the age-old translation agency market, a sector with a global valuation of $65 billion.

Interview CES 2024 Bering Lab Inc 1. 텍스트 번역 1 Redefining legal linguistics: How Bering lab's AI is shaping the future of secure translation - CES 2024 Seoul Pavilion

Equipped to handle seven languages, including Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, German, Spanish, and French, the company already boasts a portfolio of 75 prestigious clients. This includes global law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies. Reaffirming their commitment to excellence, the founder shares, “Our mission is to build a company that solves the inefficiencies and data privacy concerns in traditional translation.”

Bering Lab’s strategic aims at CES 2024

CES 2024 set the stage for Bering Lab’s global ambitions, where the team was eager to present their automated legal translation solutions to an international audience. Having established a solid reputation in the APAC region through successful client engagements in Singapore and Hong Kong, they are now expanding their repertoire to include European languages, eyeing a wider international presence.

Interview CES 2024 Bering Lab Inc 베링랩 2 1 Redefining legal linguistics: How Bering lab's AI is shaping the future of secure translation - CES 2024 Seoul Pavilion

Key innovations like the Bering AI multilingual legal translation engine and their AI+ expert post-editing service stole the spotlight. Their performance superiority over general domain engines is grounded in training performed on legal domain-specific datasets. Additionaly, Bering Lab pointed out the easy integration of their tools with professional legal practices, either through an online platform or as an add-on to Microsoft Office. To meet higher quality standards, they also offer human post-editing by actual lawyers.

Targeting international law firms, multinational corporations, legal tech companies, and top-tier venture capitalists, Bering Lab leverages CES as a launchpad for fostering meaningful business relationships, with the founder expressing, “We are specifically interested in connecting with multinational companies and agencies that require legal document translations.”

Bering Lab’s results and future roadmap

Tangible outcomes underscore Bering Lab’s commitment, with a notable $1.6 million in sales and a growing client base of 75 within their inaugural year. Recent successes in launching Chinese and Japanese engines have paved the way for increased adoption and sales in Southeast Asia, and significant partnerships are underway with law firms and governmental agencies, including negotiations for two POCs.

Looking ahead, Bering Lab aims to support 12 major languages by the second quarter of the next year to secure its spot as the global frontrunner in legal translations. Their forward-thinking strategy doesn’t stop at linguistic expansion; Bering Lab is also heralding a new wave of productivity tools designed to streamline the translation and post-editing processes, always prioritizing data security.

Interview CES 2024 Bering Lab Inc 베링랩 1 renewal 1 Redefining legal linguistics: How Bering lab's AI is shaping the future of secure translation - CES 2024 Seoul Pavilion

Summarizing their vision, the founder asserts, “We will soon support the major global languages, a giant leap towards our goal to lead the legal translation industry.” With enlightened vision and disruptive technology, Bering Lab is set to redefine the landscape of international legal communication.

To sum up, Bering Lab stands as a disruptive force within the translation industry, making a pronounced impression at CES 2024 in Las Vegas and, notably, at Eureka Park. Their focus on AI-driven legal translation and unwavering commitment to data privacy has yielded promising outcomes and laid out a strategic roadmap for future expansion. Bering Lab’s advancements showcase the immense potential in breaking down language barriers, especially when it comes to intricate and sensitive documents within the legal and intellectual property field.

The interview with Bering Lab’s founder has not only revealed the startup’s ambitions but also verified its capacity for innovation and meeting market demands for reliable, high-efficiency solutions. What do you think will be the long-term impact of companies like Bering Lab on professional translation services? Is the legal sphere ready for a digital transformation of this scale? We invite our readers to share their insights and engage in a discussion around this fascinating subject.

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