MindReader AI: Transforming Business Communication & Beyond

Singapore’s first AI-powered psychometric profiling platform, MindReader, is set to transform business communication in sales and human resource industries. By analyzing portrait images and social media texts with machine-learned Human Intelligence System, MindReader claims up to 90% accuracy while eliminating human biases.

Revolutionizing Business Communication

MindReader’s platform is adapted from The Keirsey Temperament Sorter, a widely used personality assessment tool. Combining the founder’s sales training experience with top insurance companies and banks in Singapore, MindReader aims to equip professionals with people-reading skills to overcome communication barriers and establish trust with stakeholders. The platform’s AI-driven approach also ensures minimized human biases during the personality profiling process.

Advanced AI Technology and Applications

MindReader leverages cutting-edge technologies such as text analysis and facial recognition to analyze an individual’s communication style and facial expressions instantly. The AI is trained with over 20,000 text and image data points to classify various personality types based on David Keirsey’s four-category model, comprising the Artisan, the Guardian, the Idealist, and the Rational. Boasting a 70% accuracy rate for facial analysis and 90% for texts, it offers valuable insights for professionals in sales and hiring.

Expanding MindReader’s Scope

Though initially focused on sales, MindReader seeks to apply its technology across other sectors, such as optimizing dating app matches and improving team dynamics in organizations. So far, the platform has provided successful sales training to clients across multiple sectors, including big names like AIA, Prudential, Ministry of Manpower, CitiBank, and DBS.

In conclusion, MindReader AI is set to transform business communication and widen its application beyond sales, expediting decision-making in both professional and personal contexts. The innovative platform offers insights for professionals dealing with sales, hiring, and interpersonal relationships, revolutionizing the way we understand and interact with one another.


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