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Kids Home Training Platform using Global Popular Character IP

During the COVID- 19, the vaccine reservation system developed by the Korean government and private companies confirmed Korea’s high IT infrastructure, and contact-free technologies. For example, Kids Home Training Platform using Global Popular Character IP. Furthermore, artificial intelligence, delivery and quarantine robots, and IoT-based living platforms. All these made Korea a quarantine-advanced country. The Korean government is focusing on expanding contact-free services for our daily lives. Through this, it plans to prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19. And secure a leading position in the global contact-free service market in line with digital transformation.

Discovering and developing new contact-less services

The National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) and Ministry of Science and ICT(MSIT) are discovering and expanding contact-free services for day-to-day life. So that people can protect their daily lives from COVID-19 and enhance economic vitality. Main services include contact-free evaluation, safe touch, smart mental care, infectious disease response robots. Furthermore, advanced lifestyle platform services, leisure, and home fitness platforms, and last-mile robot delivery systems too. Among them is the Kids Home Training Platform using Global Popular Character IP. It comes in the field of Leisure and Home Training platforms. SAMG Entertainment Co. and Anipen Co., Ltd. carried out this service.

Picture 1 2 Kids Home Training Platform using Global Popular Character IP

Kids Home Training Platform using Global Popular Character IP

Education civic groups did a survey. The results said that prolonged COVID-19 causes delays in the development of language, body, sociality, and emotions of infants and toddlers. However, in a situation where there are many cases of group infection, it is also worrisome to visit offline (face-to-face) play sports or physical education academies frequently. To solve this problem, we need an online-based contact-free educational content platform.

Unlike face-to-face education, contact-free education content for infants and toddlers is an important factor in providing various fun elements, intuitive user interfaces, and experiences due to the nature of the target. However, software and hardware for infants, which combine existing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), are limited to simple games or independent content at the level of educational regulations. To overcome these limitations, SAMG Entertainment and Anipen will develop a user-centered “Next-Generation Deep Learning AR Kids Home Training Platform” using augmented reality (AR) technology that combines next-generation deep learning and provides services through commercialization early next year.

Picture 3 Kids Home Training Platform using Global Popular Character IP

The Kids Home Training Platform configures a server system in the role of service control and management. That is to create and transmit contact-free home training content for low-age targets. To this end, SAMG Entertainment and Anipen developed a contact-free client program (application) for 1:1 two-way content sharing. Particularly, the two companies applied character IP-based augmented reality animation sequence conversion technology to the kids’ home training platform for differentiated content that meets the characteristics of low-age targets.

Industry outlook analysis

Although the overall industry shrank due to the spread of COVID-19, the cultural content industry was relatively less affected. The analysis shows that digital-based contact-free content consumption is spreading as the content industry disappears, personalized media use increases. The global digital content market represented a market size of $1.782 trillion in 2017. It is expected to reach $3.99 trillion by 2022. The consumption of kids and educational content particularly will increase to 59.2% year on year. IP expansion, competitive cooperation between platforms, and so-called “joint alliance” are expected to take place more vigilantly, centering on popular IPs. In addition, competition in the OTT (Over The Top) platform industry is also intensifying. As the use of kids and educational content increases, popular IP expansion, and platform competitive cooperation accelerates.

Picture 2 Kids Home Training Platform using Global Popular Character IP

SAMG Entertainment on the Home Training platform

SAMG Entertainment stated, “If contact-free services using characters becomes possible, it will be able to create a new market that matches children with idle personnel. For example, trainers and play teachers”. The education market is rapidly changing due to COVID-19. Hence, major domestic and foreign education companies are trying to reorganize the entire market with a new contact-free platform. They are interested especially if home training education solutions suitable for each age group are released.

Meanwhile, SAMG Entertainment, the organizer of the “Kids Home Training Platform Using Global Popular Character IP” project, is Korea’s leading 3D animation producer. It planned and produced high-quality animations such as the “MINIFORCE ” series and “Twinkle Catch! Teenieping. In addition, Anipen, an augmented reality technology company, was in charge of producing augmented reality character composite content. This content was for supply (teacher) and developing service applications for demand (student). And developing Kyobo material content production modules using server systems and motion capture.

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