Moomoo Utilizes AWS to Fuel Continuous Innovation and Worldwide Expansion

The trading app, Moomoo, has reached almost 20 million users across 200 countries, and attributes its success to its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Moomoo has relied on AWS to fuel its platform’s global expansion.

Regulatory Compliance and Effective Data Storage

Moomoo utilized AWS’s Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Identity and Access Management (IAM) to deliver simpler, more effective data storage, transmission, and encryption operations, and to comply with local security and compliance regulations. AWS allows the Moomoo team to focus more on innovation instead of infrastructure maintenance.

Industry Partner Ecosystem and Operational Efficiency

With AWS, Moomoo has access to a large pool of industry partners to facilitate global business growth. By running on AWS, Moomoo saves time and energy in assessing and complying with security and compliance requirements for IT resources. Moomoo has achieved a 60-80% reduction in maintenance tasks across its underlying networks, data centers, and middleware.

Leveraging AWS Machine Learning to Enhance User Experience

By leveraging AWS’s advanced services, Moomoo plans to build a cloud customer service center on Amazon Connect to offer intelligent customer service that is 80% more cost-effective than traditional methods. Moomoo also plans to deploy AWS artificial intelligence and machine learning services, such as Amazon Translate and Amazon Kendra, to provide users with multilingual support, and to implement big data analytics to extract useful information from disparate transaction, business, system, and user activity logs.


Moomoo’s partnership with AWS has enabled the trading app to deliver a superior product experience by complying to regulatory, security, and compliance requirements, and by boosting operational efficiency, expanding its global business, and offering enriched investing experience to its users.

Another startup that relies on AWS to fuel its platform’s growth is the gaming and trading app SyncWords. They recently announced integration with Deepl contextual machine translation to offer a more comprehensive service to their users. You can read more about it here.

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