SyncWords Announces Integration with DeepL Contextual Machine Translation

SyncWords, a leader in closed captioning and translations for virtual events, has partnered with DeepL to provide a contextual machine translation (CMT) solution for pre-recorded and live content. The integration of machine learning, natural language processing technologies, algorithms, and engines trained on bilingual sentences makes machine translation more accurate.

The Benefits of SyncWords’ Contextual Machine Translation

SyncWords’ proprietary AI for segment alignment and positioning of captions and subtitles ensures that video content is delivered with high-quality subtitles, improving reading comfort and natural synchronization of the spoken and subtitled content. With SyncWords, organizations can easily deliver real-time captions to virtual event platforms, providing an extra level of accessibility. SyncWords’ CMT engine significantly improves the quality of translated output, reaching up to 95% accuracy levels compared to other engines. Additionally, SyncWords allows for advanced capabilities to collaborate with teams working on specific translations or projects, leading to greater optimization of time and simplification of processes between business units or within the organization as a whole.

SyncWords Live for Real-time Captioning

SyncWords Live, an intuitive and advanced tool, helps organizations deliver real-time captions to virtual event platforms, providing captions and real-time translation features that speak directly to its core value of championing diversity and inclusion in meetings, no matter where they’re taking place.

Accessibility and Compliance with SyncWords

SyncWords’ CMT ensures that video content creators can provide easy access to their content while being compliant with state and local accessibility regulations. With its robust API, SyncWords handles even large volumes of video content, ensuring that captions and subtitles are always accurate and of high quality.

SyncWords’ Innovation in Captioning

SyncWords’ partnership with DeepL in providing a contextual machine translation solution for pre-recorded and live content continues the company’s innovation in the world of captioning, advancing its mission to champion diversity and inclusion in meetings.

For more information on SyncWords’ Contextual Machine Translation, visit this page. To find out all about the latest from Team SyncWords, bookmark the SyncWords blog.

About SyncWords: Since 2000, SyncWords has been a trusted leader in closed captioning and translations for virtual events, providing a comprehensive platform and services for both live and pre-recorded delivery of captions and subtitles in over 100 languages.


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