Music app Breakr raises funds worth$4.2M

Music app Breakr raises funds worth $4.2 million in a seed round led by Slow Ventures. The latest raise follows $700,000 in funding led by Andreessen Horowitz’s TxO fund. The people behind the service considered this round as proof as they worked to get the idea off the ground.

How the music app Breakr raises funds for its working?

The concept on which the app is built makes it easy to understand why it appealed to the investors. It serves as a bridge to connect emerging musicians with social media influencers. Thus, those musicians get exposure. Influencers also get paid for hosting a listening session. From all this, Breakr gets a 10% cut from the revenue.

With so much overcrowding in the marketplace, discovering good music and getting discovered both are difficult. And delivering the right kind of music to the right set of ears is proving to work. Gone are the days when rappers were found selling mixtape CDs for $5 a pop. To solve the problem with music discovery, Breakr is a needed tool today.

Breakr is a needed tool to efficiently connect artists, influencers and brands. I know from first-hand experience that this process manually is too time consuming to not only find an array of diverse influencers but activate them as well. They’ve created what I call a mall of influential marketers, where all you have to do is shop what talent fits the taste of your campaign needs

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music app Music app Breakr raises funds worth$4.2M

This medium of getting discovered might have changed, but the effort needed to do so successfully is still the same. So, Breakr is hoping to offer some approximation of the experience, with an added financial incentive.

If you’re a world-renowned DJ or A&R at a major label, these artists are already in your emails, and DMS, trying to get your attention. We give them a unique URL, they send that unique URL and say, ‘hey, stay out of my DMS, meet me here. Here’s the cost. And let’s talk about it.’

Tony Brown, CEO Breakr

What do influencers get out of it?

Influencers charge artists on a sliding scale, i.e. commanding more based on their following. Breakr says around 12,000 users have signed up for influencer accounts, The company is currently in the process of vetting. Between 3,000-4,000 accounts have been approved.

“We’ve worked with companies as big as Warner and Sony, as small as the SoundCloud rapper, and everybody in between,” adds inventor and head of Product Ameer Brown, who was formerly with Adobe.

Rapper, influencer, and long-time friend Tobe Nwigwe are also on the long list of co-founders. He has been active in helping spread the brand through social media.

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