Five companies working on flying cars

Flying cars, long electrical buildings, and cross bridges sound like the perfect scene for any movie or a movie scene portraying the future. The most intriguing object out of all in these scenarios are flying cars. Some companies and countries claimed to release flying vehicles shortly. 

If you are skeptical about this claim, then don’t because these five corporations are advancing with flying cars. 

6 Five companies working on flying cars

Top 5 companies working on flying cars:

Following are the companies to look at.

Single person VTOL by airbus:

You could expect cars flying by very soon because here we have airbus, a corporation wholly dedicated to advance in flying cars. 

They introduced their brand-new idea of the model VTOL. The VTOL would be a sleek, streamlined shape single person car that would carry cargo or the person driving it. 

The craft would have eight rotors or motors, and it would be able to reach 308 meters of height. It would be self-driven but would be accompanied by a radar clock thing, that would notify you of any obstacles. 

This is just one project; airbus is working on several more, including a flying taxi system. 

The taxi drone of Ehang:

How could China back off when it comes to advancements in technology? Ehang is a corporation in China working on taxi drones. 

These drones could fly over 3352 meters and would be able to carry 100 kg of weight. If you are wondering how this” taxi” system would work, then don’t break a sweat, it’s nothing complicated. It would work just like Uber. 

Talk about advancements, right? The best part about this model is that prototypes have already been tested! 

Terrafugia’s manual flying cars:

The car Terrafugia is working on would fly, land, take off and pretty much do anything you would expect a flying car to do, but you would have to drive it yourself. 

It would go about 804 km, and it can take off vertically, so you don’t need a runway to get it up in the air. 

You would just need to enter your location, and you are good to go. The only thing disappointing is that you would have to wait till 2025 just to have a look into the prototype. 

The volocopter by evolo:

The volocopter is A hybrid between a car and a helicopter, and it sure does look like something straight from the future. 

The 18-rotor device can fit in two people. Six massive batteries power it; you would be able to hover it above for 17 minutes, and it would charge in 40 minutes with a fast charger. 

Uber’s flying cars:

You won’t believe this but Uber is advancing and they are working on building flying cars, Uber hired five big companies working on technological advancements.

The five aerospace corporations are making sure they invent something never brought into the world before from 2020 to 2023. 

Uber leaked out that their flying cars would be different; they would be electrically charged and would be battery powered. It means that dependency on fossil fuels like diesel and patrol will not be a problem. Vehicles will only charge their batteries using electricity and entire drive will be smooth and easy. 

Final words

Seeing this side of the world, how people and firms are making advancements every day stuns the world and shows them how much talent is still left. 

Using the right minds in the right way would help us reach the heights of excellence. 

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