Opera revolutionizes online privacy with free iOS VPN

Opera has announced a free built-in VPN service for its iOS browser. This makes Opera the first browser company to offer a built-in, free VPN on every platform. The no-log service requires no subscription, no logging into an account, and no additional extensions. Users only need to toggle a switch in the main menu to use Opera’s VPN and browse privately, keeping their personal information safe from prying eyes.

Opera brings free VPN service to its iOS browser: What it means for users?

With the addition of a VPN service to its iOS browser, Opera has achieved another milestone by being the first browser company to offer a built-in, free VPN service on all major platforms. VPN services have become increasingly essential to help protect sensitive personal data like web banking information or credit card details from bad actors who may compromise unsecure networks like public Wi-Fi.

What this means for users is that they can now browse the internet privately with the Opera Browser on their iOS devices while accessing virtual locations around the world. The service ensures anonymity since it does not collect any personal data or information related to users’ browsing history or originating network address, keeping their online activity safe from prying eyes.

How Opera’s VPN service ensures online safety and privacy

The main goal of Opera’s VPN service is to ensure that users enjoy a secure browsing experience at all times. The VPN service makes sure VPN traffic is encrypted and IP addresses are private, making it impossible for bad actors to access personal data. Additionally, Opera’s VPN service is fast and secure, which enables users to access virtual locations around the world instantly.

Opera’s VPN service is a no-log service, which ensures user anonymity by not collecting any personal data or browsing history. As a result, users can browse the internet without worry, knowing that their privacy is guaranteed.

Additional upgrades to Opera Browser for iOS: Bookmarks and Live Scores features

Along with the free VPN service, Opera’s Browser for iOS is receiving several upgrades. These upgrades include the addition of the “Bookmarks” feature that allows users to better organize their online activity, and the “Live Scores” feature that lands on the browser’s homepage. The Live Scores feature is a scoreboard that displays the day’s matches (whether they are upcoming, in progress, or the final whistle has already gone), which will help users stay on top of the action worldwide.

Opera’s Browser for iOS already offers unparalleled speed and security features such as a built-in ad blocker, Apple Intelligent Tracking Prevention, and Opera’s Cryptojacking Protection, safeguarding users from undesired ads and unwanted trackers.

To start using the free VPN service, all users need to do is download the Opera Browser for iOS and turn on the VPN switch within the app. Opera says it will complete the full rollout within the coming weeks, making the free VPN service available to all iOS users.

In conclusion, Opera’s free built-in VPN service for its iOS browser offers users ultimate privacy and security while browsing the internet, giving them the confidence they need to browse the web without fear of being compromised. With additional upgrades such as the “Bookmarks” and “Live Scores” features, Opera’s Browser for iOS offers an unparallel browsing experience in speed, convenience, and security.


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