Playground to Launch Free AI Chatbot Friendify GPT Using ChatGPT-3 Open AI Technology

Playground, a tech and startup media company, has announced the launch of its advanced AI chatbot, Friendify GPT, built on the ChatGPT-3 Open AI technology platform. The chatbot can interact intelligently and flexibly with users, supporting multiple languages and voices. This breakthrough AI technology will be provided for free to users in remote areas, making AI more accessible worldwide. Playground’s goal is to create groundbreaking products that utilize AI technology and its power to enhance our way of living and interacting with technology.

A Step into the Future

Friendify GPT is not only a conversational chatbot but also a tool that helps students, researchers, and experts better understand AI technologies. It can easily guide users looking for advanced AI technologies or coding techniques, and improve their studies and research. Playground is continuously striving to improve and develop this technology, with their ultimate goal to bring AI closer to everyone and launch the world’s first AI phone.

Revamping Customer Experience

Moreover, Friendify GPT will benefit self-employed individuals and small businesses by providing a platform to connect with their customers conveniently and free of cost. This technology will enhance customer experience and satisfaction rates and optimize the sales funnel, giving businesses an edge in the competitive market. Playground is also developing a platform for anyone to create and deploy AI chatbots, allowing self-employed individuals and businesses to manage and automate communication efficiently.

A New Era of Communication

Playground’s Friendify GPT represents the next phase of AI evolution, enabling limitless possibilities for businesses of all sizes. With AI technologies like Friendify GPT, the future of communication and interaction between businesses and consumers looks promising.

In conclusion, Playground’s commitment to creating ground-breaking products with AI technology is evident through Friendify GPT. This advanced AI chatbot can improve daily activities, create new opportunities, and enable greater efficiency and productivity. The emergence of innovative AI technologies like Friendify GPT marks a significant milestone in AI-powered services, providing a glimpse into the potentiality and limitless possibilities that this technology presents to businesses of all sizes.

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