Arya College Jaipur’s R&D Robotics Lab: Creating Groundbreaking Innovations

Under the banner of “engineers build the nation,” Arya College Jaipur is making waves in the field of robotics. Their R&D lab has created world-class technologies such as vacuum, drone, 3-D printing, CNC, laser cutting, and SMT technology. With these technologies, alumni of Arya College can create innovative machines such as military robots, medical robots, serving robots for hotels and restaurants, and more.

The Innovative Robotics Lab at Arya College Jaipur

Students experience hands-on learning on live projects. The bionic hand, which costs just 35,000 rupees to develop, is one of the most notable products from the lab. The bionic hand serves as an extension for people who have lost a limb, and it has already benefited many people in India. Other notable inventions from Arya’s robotics lab include the selfie robot which takes excellent photos and shares them on WhatsApp, serving robot Ruby who assists guests in restaurants and hotels, and Robocop which is designed for CBI Delhi to keep surveillance.

The Arya College Jaipur robotics lab also focuses on creating unique devices such as an ATV, a medical testing machine that performs 45+ medical tests in 5 minutes, and the Human Brain Controlling Device, which reads the human brain’s thoughts and translates them into language via electrodes connected to a wearable skull-shaped device.

About Arya College Jaipur

Arya College Jaipur is renowned globally for offering academic excellence and innovation that fosters participation and rigor in the classroom. With over 60 companies coming for placement drives at this college, it’s considered one of the best in India, attracting companies such as Capgemini, Cognizant, HSBC, Amazon, Adobe, HCL, and Ashok Leyland. They are a leading choice for those seeking academic knowledge and opportunities to develop skills in robotics and AI at an affordable fee.

In conclusion, Arya College Jaipur’s robotics lab is worth acknowledging for setting a high standard in robotic innovation, preparing students with future technological needs, and training them to develop world-class solutions that will benefit all sectors of society.

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