PROMETHEUS 2.0: Inbiodroid Launches Kickstarter For Version 2 Of Telepresence Avatar Robot

Currently in the first stages of its development, the PROMETHEUS 2.0 is a humanoid robotic body capable of replicating the movements of its user anywhere in the world and in real-time

On November 2nd, 2022 the Mexican-based startup, Inbiodroid, is delighted to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to build the second version of its telepresence avatar robot. The company is on a mission to break down the physical barriers that limit humanity’s industrial progress and create a new era for mankind where growth and advancement are neither impeded by space nor time.

Described as the most advanced Avatar robot with telepresence technology, PROMETHEUS 2.0 is a humanoid robotic body capable of replicating the movements of its user in real-time from anywhere in the world. Using a completely new AVATAR SYSTEM PROTOTYPE—with advanced features currently in development, users will be able to transfer their awareness, skills, movements, and intentions to PROMETHEUS 2.0 through an immersive platform and an active communication interface.

We are living at the beginning of a new industrial revolution and we want to take Mexico and the world through the threshold of new technologies. At Inbiodroid we seek to build a world in which the lives of workers are no longer in danger due to the demands of production.

A real evolution about Avatar Robot by PROMETHEUS

While the first version of the Mexican Avatar robot was controlled by motion capture, the new and improved version will be driven by an exoskeleton control suit with haptic gloves, a virtual reality viewer with a speedometer, and an omnidirectional belt that will ensure a response hundreds of times faster, with more accurate data. PROMETHEUS 2.0 is expected to be more agile and robust, have greater freedom of movement, be lighter and taller, and in general, be a much more efficient machine. Other improved design features will include;

● Better leg balance.
● Advanced algorithms to improve the operator’s movement skills and capabilities.
● Sensors on the pressure points of the feet.
● Carbon and aluminum alloy.
● Segmented upper limbs capable of replicating all the movements of a human arm.
● Two different hands: Right, for strength work (5 fingers), and Left, for precision work (3 fingers).
● Stereoscopic vision with precise eye movement.

By 2024, Inbiodroid expects PROMETHEUS 2.0 to be able to perform acrobatics and reach its maximum performance. The Mexican robotics startup is also confident that all human interaction tests will be completed in the following year, after which the robot will become a fully viable product available for sale.

With a current funding goal of $500,000, Inbiodroid is relying on the crowdfunding campaign to facilitate the purchase of components, equipment, research, materials, and tools necessary for the full development of the PROMETHEUS 2.0 Avatar System.


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