Promise RAID Technology’s Boost Kit Revolutionizes Data Storage for Surveillance Industry!

In the rapidly developing world of data storage, Promise Technology has established itself as a global leader, thanks to their innovative and customizable solutions. In a recent press release, Promise has announced that its proprietary PROMISE RAID technology has been widely adopted by millions of users for over 25 years. However, Promise is not stopping there. Their latest Boost Technologies kit revolutionizes data storage, with eight powerful and patented technologies designed to enhance performance, security, and stability.

PROMISE RAID – Proprietary Technology for Superior Data Migration

The PromiseRAID engine has a significant advantage over open-source software RAID, thanks to its proprietary Predictive Data Migration (PDM) feature, combined with the unique way it is implemented with the Media Patrol HDD monitoring feature. PDM is an automated technology that initiates data migration automatically from hard drives if a potential disk problem or critical error is detected by Media Patrol. By running this self-healing process in the background, PDM ensures a much faster migration process, up to 5 times faster than conventional methods that require active administration. This advantage is especially noticeable in systems with very large drive capacity or several drives. In contrast to conventional RAID setups, PROMISE RAID’s PDM and Media Patrol work in tandem to monitor the health status of the hard disks themselves, extending data protection beyond the conventional RAID setups.

Boost Technologies Enhance PromiseRAID’s Performance for Surveillance Industry

PROMISERAID forms the cornerstone of the Boost Family, which aims to deliver top-of-the-line speed and reliability for various applications. While the Boost Technologies are designed to enhance performance across different sectors, four of them have been specifically customized for surveillance customers. SmartBoost, for example, offers exceptional reliability, performance, and capacity for the number of supported cameras, enhancing surveillance setups and delivering an optimal experience for users. SecurityBoost offers an extra layer of security to the data, which is particularly important for supporting customers’ surveillance setups without any potential security threats. ServiceBoost ensures that the storage system is always running smoothly by providing customers with preemptive maintenance, regular updates, and AI predictions for storage health status. Finally, GreenBoost reduces power consumption through improved thermodynamics and smart switching of drives, helping customers save money on energy bills and reduce their environmental impact.

Promise Technology – Global Leader in Tailored Storage Solutions

Promise Technology is a recognized global leader, with over 30 years of experience in the storage industry. With their highly experienced sales and engineering teams strategically located throughout the Americas, EMEA, JAPAC, and China regions, Promise has gained unparalleled knowledge and expertise in customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of specific sectors. With their latest Boost Technologies kit, Promise continues to lead the industry by delivering value-added solutions that maximize performance, security, and stability, thanks to their proprietary technology, software expertise, and wealth of experience.

In conclusion, Promise Technology’s proprietary PROMISE RAID technology and Boost Technologies kit demonstrate their commitment to providing innovative and customizable data storage solutions tailored to various sectors’ unique needs. Their focus on performance, security, and stability, combined with their global expertise, makes Promise Technology well-positioned to continue leading the industry.

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