What is the Future of Electric Vehicles across the Globe?

Electric vehicle technology has potential to take over the market sooner or later. There are many reasons that we will discuss in this article. Electric vehicles technology works more efficiently and accelerates faster than fuel engine vehicles.

These vehicles have low running cost, no congestion charge, renewable electricity tariffs, and the most important environment-friendly. Electric vehicles technology future now includes cars, trucks, transit buses of all sizes and now even big tractor trailers that are least powered by electricity.

There are three categories in the electric vehicle technology: Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), Plug-in Hybrids, and Fuel Cell Vehicles. Battery electric vehicles work on electricity stored battery packs which gives power to the engine.

Plug-in hybrids are a combination of a diesel or gasoline engine with an electric motor and large-sized rechargeable battery. In the fuel cell vehicles, the technology splits electrons from hydrogen molecules to generate electricity in order to run the motor.

In all electric vehicles, the battery powers vehicle accessories with electricity. The charge port used to connect to an external power supply that charges the battery pack.

These vehicles have DC/DC converter which converts higher-voltage DC power into lower-voltage DC power necessary to run vehicle accessories and recharge the auxiliary battery.

Power electronics controller manages the flow of the electricity delivered by traction battery. EVs have no exhaust, spark plugs, and clutch or gears.

Usage of Electric Vehicles Across the Globe

Nowadays, electric vehicles considered one of the most luxurious transports around the world that most of people desire to have. With advanced and cool features, these vehicles providing excellent experience to its users.

There is lot of numbers of electric cars manufacturers around the world. It is getting famous, only some of manufacturers are providing their best products in the market.

Tesla is standing at the first position by providing the most advanced and innovative technology with modern designs and high performances. There are other competitors in this sector like Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, Volkswagen, BYD, Kia and Hyundai, BMW, General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Daimler AG, and more.

These are the best electrical vehicle technology future manufacturing companies that are selling their units all around the world.

The transport sectors use oil and gases that they export from other countries, which is costly and expensive for every country’s government budget. Furthermore, oil and gases also be used in electricity power plants to produce energy.

Electrical vehicles are the best way to reduce oil and gas expenses in order to save the money. It saves the budget by not buying or exporting fossil fuel or oil and gases. This kind of step helps countries to build their economy sustainable.

Let’s take an example of Norway country, which shows the world another glimpse of the future as electric cars is making gas and oil-powered car sales vanish in the market.

The country has putted heavy taxes on fuel-powered vehicles that are damaging their environment and public health. Norway’s electric car market is growing tremendously, as new electrical vehicle models being available. The country has taken a good step for their green and healthiest future that the world needs to learn.

Some other countries are also taking action to save the Climate by promoting and using electric vehicles. They are also keen to save the economy and to reduce the consumption of fossil-fuel or oil.

Electric vehicle engines are soundless and reduce noise pollution in the environment which is more comfortable for ears. Electrical vehicles are eco-friendly and cost-friendly for an average person.

Heavy Usage of Oil & Gas and Climate Change

The biggest reason to promote and use electric vehicle, is the climate change. The traditional engines run by burning fuel, diesel, and gases and damaging environment by polluting the air and increasing heat.

The air pollution is the biggest threat for the earth and human body as it causes lungs cancer and many other diseases. That’s why the world is moving towards the electrical vehicle technology future.

It is noticed that the countries using most electrical vehicles are less polluted and less hot rather than other countries using fossil-fuel engines. Fossil-fuel, oil, and gas engines release gases and smoke which causes the ozone layer and human lungs.

By damaging ozone layer, the temperature of earth is increasing. Oil engine vehicles are not environment-friendly and they use a lot of non-renewable energy resources.

Climate change is a main human right issue which has to be solved. It threatens all lives on the earth in multiple ways. It is true that the transport, especially cars have provided reliable transportation for almost a decade but costs to the environment.

In America, it is a horrible nightmare for not having a car but it cost to the human body. There are almost fossil-fuel vehicles running all over the world and releasing poisoned gases which are threatening the environment and human lives.

Although, fossil-fuels are the dominant energy source of the globe, producing up to 82% of the world energy supply. These kind of energy sources have powered, and continue to dominate the industrialization of the world.

There are many operations to apply, from electricity production to transport fuel.  Although, these energy sources are necessary for the production of a several of common products, such as detergents, polymers, paints, cosmetics, and some medicines.


Electrical vehicle technology future can reduce the usage of fossil-fuels and help to save the green environment. It also keeps all lives healthy wealthy with fresh air.

By using electric motors, there will no more poisoned smoke, engine-noise, and polluted air exists. We should try to keep our environment clean and green. We should grow more trees and stop cutting trees in order to stop climate change.

There are many other ways are also available to save the green planet. We all are responsible for the earth and we should live with the motto, “Go Green and Live Green”.  We all have to work together to give the best and green future to our children and next generation, so they live a healthy, green, and beautiful life.


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