Revolutionizing Banking: Hexaware and Xceptor Transform Data Automation Solutions

Hexaware and Xceptor are partnering to bring cutting-edge data automation solutions to banking and financial services companies worldwide. The partnership combines Hexaware’s expertise in delivering banking and financial services with Xceptor’s best-in-class platform for automating data workflows. This partnership demonstrates a commitment to innovative, data-driven solutions.

Hexaware and Xceptor: Next-Gen Automation Solutions

Hexaware is proud to collaborate with Xceptor to deliver world-class data automation solutions. With this partnership, clients will receive access to over 70 qualified data and analytics experts certified to design and configure data automation workflows rapidly. The Xceptor Center of Excellence (CoE) will provide an opportunity for businesses to automate manual processes, consolidate data, and accelerate innovation at scale to meet increasing client and regulator demands.

The Core of Data & Analytics Expertise: Xceptor Center of Excellence

Xceptor’s CoE will offer resources and opportunities for Hexaware clients to become pioneers in modern banking and finance processes. Hexaware is Xceptor’s first partner to be awarded the new Advanced Practitioner certification for preferred partners which gives them access to dedicated Xceptor resources, exclusive training modules, and advanced certification for their professionals. With additional professionals passing through Xceptor’s training programs, the overall result will be a transformed industry with end-users being the ultimate beneficiaries.

The Key to Modern Banking and Finance Processes: Advanced Practitioner Certification

The Advanced Practitioner certification is the key to modernizing banking and finance processes. As an Xceptor preferred partner, Hexaware has access to this certification which will empower their professionals and clients with the most advanced data and analytics capabilities. This certification will make Hexaware’s offering unique in the market, setting them apart from their competitors.

In conclusion, Hexaware’s partnership with Xceptor ushers in a new wave of capability and innovation for banking and financial services companies worldwide. The Xceptor Center of Excellence will enable both companies to deliver cutting-edge data automation solutions that will modernize banking and finance processes, while ensuring that their professionals and clients are equipped with the necessary skills to thrive in today’s competitive world of finance.

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