Revolutionary Partnership: Oxbotica and Google Cloud Accelerate Autonomous Driving Solutions

Oxbotica, a British-based autonomous vehicle software developer, has announced a new strategic collaboration with Google Cloud. The partnership aims to accelerate the deployment of its autonomous software platform to customers around the world.

Oxbotica and Google Cloud Partner for Autonomous Driving Solutions

The collaboration between Oxbotica and Google Cloud focuses on creating scalable, safe, and reliable autonomous driving solutions for businesses. These include last-mile logistics, light industry, and public transport.

Combining Expertise: Oxbotica’s Autonomous Software and Google Cloud’s Infrastructure

Oxbotica plans to leverage Google Cloud’s products such as compute, storage, networking, and leading data and analytics products like Vertex AI. These tools will help with the development, testing, validation, and verification of its self-driving technology. In addition, Oxbotica will utilize Google Cloud’s proven cyber-security technologies to ensure safe use of autonomous mobility technology. By tapping into the scalability of the cloud, Oxbotica will be able to rapidly analyze and process large datasets to learn across different use cases. This will speed up time-to-insights and allow for more testing and experimentation, which will help improve the safety of the technology.

Safe, Scalable and Reliable: Benefits of the Oxbotica-Google Cloud Partnership

We are thrilled to partner with Google Cloud to accelerate bringing autonomous driving solutions to market globally. Google Cloud is a global leader in cloud infrastructure, and using its cutting-edge technology and AI-powered tools will strengthen our proposition for our customers,” said Gavin Jackson, CEO of Oxbotica.
With Google Cloud, Oxbotica’s customers will be able to easily and quickly scale from single prototype vehicles to full fleets. The collaboration will also allow Oxbotica to explore the larger impact of autonomous vehicles on congestion, public transit, and more. Oxbotica intends to make available application programming interfaces (APIs) for autonomous driving, which will enable its customers to create new lines of business (such as applications and other products) and more easily manage their existing data and services.

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, said, “The combination of Oxbotica’s leading technology and our reliable infrastructure and AI and data-enabled cloud platform has the potential to accelerate autonomous mobility in a variety of industrial use cases. From last-mile logistics to public transportation, we look forward to working together to positively impact the lives of end-users.”

In summary, the partnership between Oxbotica and Google Cloud will produce safe, scalable, and reliable autonomous driving solutions for various businesses. With Google Cloud’s expertise in cloud infrastructure and Oxbotica’s market-leading autonomous vehicle software, there is a potential to accelerate autonomous mobility in various industrial use cases such as logistics and public transportation.

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