Revolutionizing Enterprises: Newgen Joins AWS Marketplace to Streamline Business Operations

Newgen Software Technologies Limited has joined forces with AWS Marketplace to allow customers to find, buy, deploy, and manage their enterprise software solutions. The new development is part of the AWS Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate Program, which connects participating ISVs with the AWS Sales organization to drive new business and boost sales cycles.

Newgen’s Enterprise Solutions Now Available on AWS Marketplace

Newgen’s ECM Platform, Automation Platform, and Loan Origination Solution are now available to AWS customers, offering more tools that enable end-to-end management of enterprise content and automated end-to-end business process capabilities. By collaborating with AWS, Newgen’s solutions will leverage a cloud-based infrastructure to provide businesses with the ability to seamlessly integrate existing IT systems with best-in-class solutions.

OmniDocs ECM Platform streamlines enterprise content processes

OmniDocs Contextual Content Services (ECM) Platform is a powerful end-to-end management system built to manage enterprise content, from origination to disposition. The platform’s ability to connect content and processes with context enables businesses to go digital, offering a wider range of opportunities for transformation and growth.

  • Enables end-to-end management of enterprise content
  • Connects content and processes with context
  • Enables businesses to go digital.

NewgenONE Digital Transformation Platform simplifies business operations

NewgenONE Digital Transformation Platform is a comprehensive platform offering a scalable and adaptive approach to business process automation. The platform features an industry-leading unified, cloud-based infrastructure designed to automate end-to-end business processes, comprehensively manage content and communications, and features a robust integration ecosystem.

  • Industry-leading unified, cloud-based infrastructure
  • Automates end-to-end business processes
  • Comprehensively manages content and communications

This new development with AWS is a huge breakthrough for Newgen and will enable customers to modernize their applications, content-centric processes and deliver transformed experiences. It’s an extension of Newgen’s digital transformation platform providing customers the flexibility and adaptability to stay future-ready.

In conclusion, Newgen’s new partnership with AWS Marketplace is a milestone event that provides businesses with access to some of the Best-In-Class enterprise solutions available. The partnership is designed to help organizations modernize their approach towards business and empower their workforces to stay future-ready.

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