LivePerson and Cohere Partner to Deliver Game-changing LLMs

Global leader in Conversational AI, LivePerson has announced its partnership with Cohere, a natural language processing platform. This collaboration aims to provide custom large language models (LLMs) for enterprise brands to enhance their customer engagement and business outcomes. The pilot program will enable the creation and deployment of LLMs specifically built to improve customer engagement and meet business goals.

LivePerson and Cohere Partner for Custom LLMs

The unique program provides an opportunity to utilize Cohere’s platform to deliver state-of-the-art language models with LivePerson’s industry-leading conversational platform and AI. The combination of the two platforms will offer custom LLMs to engage customers, with guardrails to prevent LLMs from providing inappropriate feedback or hallucinating answers that are not based in reality. The partnership will also provide direct action, cost, and time savings, all built in partnership with AI experts without needing a considerable investment in hiring.

Breaking Down Barriers to Enterprise Language AI

The increasing buzz around language AI has caused concern about its readiness for customer-facing experiences at the enterprise level. However, the partnership between LivePerson and Cohere intends to address these concerns and make LLMs more accessible. LivePerson’s AI technology uses a billion conversational interactions every month and 20 years of experience managing brand-to-consumer interactions to inform their data set. With hundreds of thousands of humans participating in LivePerson’s AI learning loops, the AI remains grounded and factual to prevent bias.

Driving Better Business Outcomes with LLMs

The partnership will help enterprises overcome the challenges and limitations of deploying LLMs and improve customer engagement and business outcomes. The custom LLMs, built based on the enterprise’s specific needs, goals, policies, and data, will help reach this goal. The program includes the ability to take direct action like payments or solving fraud with LLMs. The main advantage of the program is that it provides significant cost and time savings, with LLMs optimized directly by AI experts, without requiring expensive in-house resources.

To learn more about the custom LLMs, LivePerson and Cohere will host a webinar with Joe Bradley, Chief Scientist at LivePerson, and Matthew Dunn, Machine Learning Research expert at Cohere, to demonstrate how to drive better business outcomes with custom large language models.

LivePerson and Cohere’s mission is to make LLMs and Language AI accessible to all developers and businesses. With Cohere’s state-of-the-art language models and LivePerson’s vast data set and AI expertise, they aim to set a new standard for using AI to communicate at the enterprise level.

Overall, the partnership will redefine the enterprise’s customer engagement experience by enhancing LLMs and making them more accessible, and cost-effective.


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