Save Time and Revolutionize Your Post-Production Process with Aftershoot EDITS

Aftershoot, the AI-powered photo editing platform, has launched a new tool called Aftershoot EDITS, aimed to help photographers revolutionize their post-production process.

Revolutionary AI-Driven Editing Tool for Photographers

Aftershoot EDITS is designed to help photographers save time while editing their images. The solution features context-aware tools that adjust commonly used sliders used by photographers during editing in Lightroom, such as exposure, highlights, shadows, white balance, HSL, tone curves, and more. By learning from previous edits a photographer has made, the AI builds a personalized profile that reflects their style and taste.

Context-Aware Tools for Precise Editing and Composition Fixes

Aftershoot EDITS also comes with context-aware cropping and straightening tools that help photographers bring more focus to the subject in the image and fix some of the issues with the image’s composition in post-production. With Aftershoot EDITS, photographers can reduce the time they spend editing photographs by automating image selection and image editing.

As a wedding photographer myself, I would normally spend several days editing photographs. Those are days when I’m not focusing on marketing my business; I’m not able to help other clients preserve memories of their special moments, and worst of all, it’s time I’m not able to spend with my family. Aftershoot Edits is our answer to that – it gives time back to photographers.

Justin Benson, Co-Founder, and Chief Innovation Officer at Aftershoot

Aftershoot Saves Hundreds of Hours for Photographers

The new Aftershoot EDITS tool is set to release soon, and the pricing model will be a fixed monthly or yearly fee, similar to Aftershoot’s Culling pricing model. Aftershoot, the fastest and easiest way for photographers to select, rate, and edit their photos, launched in March 2020 and has been saving photographers hundreds of hours by automating image selection and image editing ever since.

Aftershoot EDITS has seen incredible results while in Alpha and its closed Beta, and we decided to make it public for everyone to try. Aftershoot is about revolutionizing the work photographers do, and this release brings us a step closer to achieving that.

” says Harshit Dwivedi, Founder, and CEO at Aftershoot

Thanks to leading AI tech, Aftershoot saves photographers time by automating image selection and editing, keeping in mind their personal style and taste. The AI-powered platform allows photographers to take control of their work by providing them with personalized editing profiles and context-aware tools, giving them the opportunity to focus on their creative work, family, and clients.

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