SenseAuto drives innovation at Auto Shanghai 2023 with cutting-edge solutions

SenseAuto, the full-stack autonomous driving subsidiary of SenseTime, has showcased its latest intelligent driving and cabin solutions at the Auto Shanghai 2023 exhibition.

SenseAuto showcases cutting edge intelligent driving and cabin solutions at Auto Shanghai 2023

The SenseAuto team presented nearly 30 mass-produced models, such as GAC and Neta, showcasing its intelligent driving solutions, including navigated driving assist (NDA) and fully stacked driving systems. The company’s GAC AION LX Plus vehicle also leveraged SenseAuto’s powerful general target perception and surround BEV perception capabilities.

SenseAuto also showcased its vision and developments in the intelligent cabin space. Visitors were able to see SenseAuto’s cutting-edge visual AI technology in action in the NIO ES7 model through driver fatigue alerts, Face ID, and child presence detection. The SenseAuto team also revealed SenseAuto’s highly anticipated intelligent B-pillar interactive system in the ZEEKR X model.

SenseNova enables SenseAuto to bring mass-production of smart driving to life

The SenseNova foundation model set has introduced various natural language processing and content generation models and capabilities, such as a digital human, that open up many possibilities for the smart cabin as a “third living space”. The SenseAuto team presented a futuristic demo cabin featuring an AI virtual assistant that welcomes guests and directs them to their seats, demonstrating the progress made possible by SenseNova. The exhibition was also a showcase of SenseAuto’s six innovative first-to-market smart cabin features such as Guard Mode and Air Touch.

SenseAuto leads the way in intelligent vehicle innovation and human-vehicle collaboration

SenseNova’s impact extended to SenseAuto’s mass-production of BEV perception and its automatic driving GOP perception system, which allows the company to integrate driving and parking functions. With these advancements and more, SenseAuto has established partnerships with over 30 automotive manufacturers and 50 ecosystem partners worldwide. SenseAuto’s technology aims to reach over 31 million vehicles in the coming years.

These advancements signify SenseAuto’s commitment to ride the wave of AGI and promote human-vehicle collaboration toward a new era of autonomous driving.

With SenseAuto’s innovative solutions, the company continues to lead the way in intelligent vehicle innovation and human-vehicle collaboration, changing and further advancing the future of driving.


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