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SEVENPOINTONE Awarded Innovation Honoree at CES 2023

On November 16 2022, SEVENPOINTONE announced that it would receive the title of Innovation Awards Honoree at CES 2023. The award was presented to them for “AlzWIN”, an AI-powered service for the early detection of dementia and other cognitive impairments, that is simple to apply and quick to diagnose.

CES is the one of the largest tech events in the world, where innovators come together to showcase their services, many of which have traveled from across the world to attend. In Las Vegas USA, they can meet with prospective business partners, exchange ideas and enjoy the presentations.

In an aging world, SEVENPOINTONE has new perspectives

AlzWIN recognizes the fluency of the users speech, as well as the semantic memory within two minutes of the analysis. This analysis is based on twelve years of research, during which the patented algorithm was developed and tested by peer-reviews, in clinical trials and has gone on pilot projects. SEVENPOINTONE made the service to be a routine assessment, that makes brain health and tracking development accessible.

Aging is a pre-destined global trend for the next 30+ years and dementia is rising quickly as a global health concern. While the only available known measure is to “find and treat it early”, 91% of US dementia seniors go undiagnosed. Why? We believe it’s because there is no easy, accessible, and affordable measurement device like a weight scale for cognitive impairment or brain health. AlzWIN strives to be like the accessible vital for cognitive health. We believe it can set a new paradigm in fight for dementia by allowing seniors to track their cognitive health and respond earlier to any unusual changes.


The company was glad to host a booth at CES 2023 for the showcase of its dementia and depression recognition service, and honored to receive an award for their research and accessible help.

The event is furthermore the beginning of a global expansion, as people everywhere are affected by the societal conditions that render this service a healthcare necessity. At CES, SEVENPOINTONE hopes to meet new strategic partners, as they had successful collaborations with insurance firms, government organizations, universities and pharmaceutical companies in the past.

Their use of AI and VR technology for this cause is a futuristic approach, that will hopefully revolutionize the way we approach aging and our health, as our society keeps getting older.

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