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Caliverse: The Next Generation of the Metaverse – CES 2023

Caliverse is a company that specializes in developing high-definition 3D VR and Unreal Engine graphic production. The company has developed a patented technology that captures VR users’ gaze and voice to create a uniquely interactive experience. It is preparing to launch a Metaverse, a virtual world that is interactive in ways more advanced than similar virtual worlds, and will showcase it at CES 2023. Users will be able to buy land, buildings, and avatars using non-fungible tokens (NFTs), shop in a VR shopping mall, and attend concerts with up to 65,000 other spectators. Avatars and other user-generated content can also be customized for a personalized experience.

Caliverse could be the next generation of the Metaverse

Caliverse, a South Korean company under CEO Dongkyu Kim has developed a patented technology that captures VR user’s gaze and voice to create a uniquely interactive experience. Following this success, the company was recently integrated into the LOTTE Group in Korea.

The rendering of the synthesis of the film, or rather the person, takes place in real time. It works in a network of operation technology that forms an MMO – Massively Multiplayer Online server. Here, extremely detailed and natural graphics are used to develop Metaverse content that is interactive in ways different and more advanced from similar Metaverses.

Caliverse is now preparing to expand their users abilities: They will be able to buy land, buildings and avatars made using NFTs, as well as shop in a VR shopping mall and attend concerts alongside 65.000 other spectators. Avatars, interiors and other user generated content can also be customized, for an even more personalized experience.

The objectives of the Caliverse

The company hopes to make many connections during CES 2023, where they have two booths in both the Central as well as the North Hall. The Metaverse is scheduled to launch this year, and start the sales of NFTs for the in-universe purchases shortly.

The stunning graphics, convenient shopping and entertainment of this Metaverse make it an outstanding service, that remind users of the movie “Ready Player One”, with hardly and sensory limitations. Given the uniqueness and impressive realism as well as immersion of the user, it is easily assumed that the objectives set by the developers at Calivers are sure to be met, or perhaps even exceeded!

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