Shutterstock Revolutionary Partnership: NVIDIA-Enabled 3D Models in Minutes

Shutterstock has announced a collaboration with NVIDIA to reduce the time it takes to create 3D models with generative AI cloud services. Through the partnership, 3D models will be trained with Shutterstock assets using NVIDIA Picasso generative AI cloud services to generate high-quality 3D content from simple text prompts.

Shutterstock Announces Partnership with NVIDIA to Train Custom 3D Models

Shutterstock, a global creative platform for brands and media companies, has partnered with NVIDIA to train custom 3D models. This partnership will allow users to generate high-quality 3D content from simple text prompts using generative artificial intelligence cloud services. Shutterstock will leverage NVIDIA Picasso generative AI cloud services to train custom 3D models, reducing the time it takes to create 3D models with absolute precision. By using NVIDIA’s tools, users can automate much of the tedious work and free up time to explore new concepts and refine ideas.

Text-to-3D Features to Be Offered on Shutterstock, Turbosquid and NVIDIA Omniverse

In addition to introducing the generative 3D capabilities on through its Creative Flow toolkit, the text-to-3D features will also be available on Shutterstock-owned, one of the world’s largest 3D content marketplaces. The feature is also planned to be introduced on the NVIDIA Omniverse platform for building and operating 3D industrial metaverse applications. The text-to-3D feature, which is expected to reduce creation time from hours to minutes, will support object shapes, assist with object unwrapping, generate textures and materials and even produce complete 3D models ready for use in a wide variety of applications and platforms.

Shutterstock’s Generative 3D Partnership with NVIDIA: Advantages and Impact

The generative 3D partnership between Shutterstock and NVIDIA is a first of its kind collaboration. It aims to power the next generation of 3D contributor tools and bring new products, tools, and content to market. By combining the extensive pool of metadata of Shutterstock with NVIDIA’s foundation models, and utilizing the respective marketing and distribution platforms, the partnership will capitalize on an extraordinarily large market opportunity. In addition, as part of its responsible AI focus, Shutterstock will compensate artists through its Contributor Fund for the role their IP plays in training the generative technology.

With this partnership, Shutterstock aims to revolutionize the 3D content creation process and change the way users can design and develop 3D models with artificial intelligence. The partnership highlights the technological advancements in AI and its applications in the creative world.


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