Revolutionary Evisort AI Contract Processing Supercharges Global Operations

Evisort, the no-code contract intelligence platform, has announced its next-generation AI contract processing capabilities, which leverage advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to ingest contracts. This breakthrough technology addresses challenges commonly faced by legacy OCR, including difficulties deciphering handwriting, blurry text, tables, headers, footers, and watermarks.

Evisort Makes Huge Leap in AI Contract Ingestion

Evisort’s proprietary AI can now analyze up to 450,000 contracts per day, allowing organizations to gain value even faster with a complete, intelligent repository of contracts in days, not months. And, with multilingual OCR technology, Evisort’s platform can now recognize multilingual handwriting and typed text, including non-Latin characters from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other languages. These AI enhancements provide a more accurate lens into global operations through connected contract data.

Multilingual OCR: A Gamechanger for Global Operations

As enterprises around the globe eliminate siloed contract data, business leaders can strengthen their expanding ecosystem and educate stakeholders across the business on the importance of data to fuel frictionless global operations. Evisort’s solution empowers employees within the organization to benefit from AI-powered contract data insights, who can adapt strategically to changes in regulatory landscapes, data privacy laws, macroeconomic conditions, geopolitical institutions, supply chain viability, sales obligations, corporate ownership, and cross-departmental priorities.

Evisort Hosts Legalweek Session on AI-Reshaping Legal Landscape

As the legal sector shifts towards digital transformation, Evisort will host an emerging technology educational track in partnership with Epiq, a leading provider of legal and business services. In the emerging technology session, Evisort’s CEO and Founder Jerry Ting and Epiq’s SVP and GM Ziad Mantoura and SVP Legal Solutions Eric Crawley will share insights on how AI, particularly generative AI, is reshaping the legal landscape. The event will be held at Legalweek 2023 on March 22 at 11:30 AM in the New York Hilton Midtown.

Evisort’s revolutionary AI advancements in contract processing, OCR technology, and generative AI capabilities help users draft, redline, and negotiate contracts based on existing AI contract data and large language models. By providing a complete and accurate contract repository, Evisort’s solution eliminates siloed contract data, strengthens business ecosystems, and fortifies strategic organizational adaptation to changes in the regulatory landscape.


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