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SLUSH 2022 – Colavosalon Makes running a Shop Easy

Colavoground, under CEO Joseph Cheyoung Kim has announced that they will be attending startup event SLUSH 2022 from November 17th to the following day in Helsinki. They will showcase their Beauty Business Solution “Colavosalon”, a service to simplify automation, and increase productivity.

Streamlining all the work that goes into management

Colavoground helps salon businesses simplify their shop management and improve customer service for those beauticians who sell to customers directly online. “Colavosalon” provides them with functions like sales, management of clientele, schedule and online reservation on PC, iPads and mobile. It’s defining feature is the increase in productivity, as well as convenience.

The efficient GTM and sales abilities of the service have successfully attracted users from around the world, totaling 140.000 various shops signing up shortly after the launch. As the service is supported on a variety of devices, it is even more easily implemented. External apps like messengers, SNS and the like are linked as well, streamlining the experience further.

Based on its merit for simplifying the complex process of organizing an entire business, the Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP) has selected Colovaground as one of the companies that are to receive special support and business opportunities globally going forward.

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