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OMNIART Co., Ltd. under CEO Lee Seongdong will attend SLUSH 2022, a startup event held in Helsinki from November 17th to the following day. Here they will introduce their visual IP transaction solution “ULKIN CANVAS”.

“ULKIN CANVAS” to revolutionize freedom to use visual IP

OMNIART protects the copyright of visual IP licenses through visual IP commerce and by enabling transactions between individuals, on demand. It started as a fashion-tech startup, that saw the potential of bridging the divide between the public, and what is considered, art, culture and design that could transcend generations. The goal is to evolve the customer value chain to its higher potential, using their visual IP service.

ULKIN CANVAS collects visual IP in fields like characters, celebrities, art and cinematography, and makes them into goods. Customers can select from various visual licenses, and apply them to the branded products that they wish to buy. The licenses are constantly provided, unlimited by time or quantity constraints.

Apart from B2B, OMNIART is now expanding into B2C as well as B2C. Users can sell their rights to visual IP, and give it to licensers who can use the IP of the creations for profit. ULKIN CANVAS and OMNIART can also choose IP with the potential to grow, based on data gathered from consumers, and grow them into brand IP.

As a spokesman put it, the freedom of using IP is much improved, especially in comparison to other companies. Now communities can be built, IP can be used in a more versatile way, and more detailed visual IP data can be collected by having contact with consumers, as opposed to B2B methods.

As a new approach to the subject, the project and company were supported by the Korea Institute of Design Promotion, which is an institution under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, that provides these promising companies with business opportunities, and provides support.

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