Solar-Powered Security: Hikvision’s Cost-Effective Solution for Isolated Areas

In rural and remote areas, installation of traditional security systems can be difficult, time-consuming, and costly due to the lack of electrical grids and broadband network connectivity. To address these challenges, Hikvision has created a portfolio of solar-powered solutions to provide efficient and cost-effective security measures in isolated sites and temporary locations.

Hikvision’s Solar-Powered Solutions offer Hassle-Free Installation

Hikvision’s solar-powered camera kits consist of a solar panel, a mounting bracket, a battery module, and the camera itself. With no need for routing cables, the deployment process is fast, easy, and cost-effective. The kits don’t require technical knowledge or professional help to set up, making installation hassle-free and available to anyone looking for reliable security systems.

Flexible Deployment Scenarios with Hikvision’s Solar-Powered Solutions

The solar power kit can be used in various deployment scenarios to satisfy different scenarios. Solar-powered ANPR cameras can be used at parking lots to recognize license plate characters and cross-reference the information with access rules at the backend. For wide-open outdoor areas, solar-powered PT cameras can capture the entire field of view, while solar-powered PTZ cameras can be used to maintain situational awareness and zoom in to see specific details when close-ups are regularly needed.

Hikvision’s Solar-Powered Solutions Offer 24/7 Protection for Isolated Areas

Hikvision’s solar-powered cameras offer clear video in extremely dark environments as isolated areas often lack lighting at night. With waterproof and dust resistant housings, these cameras can withstand extreme weather conditions such as low temperatures, strong winds, and heavy rains. Requiring only a single solar panel, the self-contained set-up operates for up to seven days on a single battery charge, delivering significant cost savings for customers. Solar-powered cameras not only reduce operational costs, but also reduce the carbon footprint, making a positive impact on sustainability.

In conclusion, Hikvision’s solar-powered solutions offer quicker, more cost-effective installation processes, flexible deployment scenarios, and 24/7 protection for isolated sites and temporary locations. These solutions are reliable, eco-friendly, and an ideal choice for those seeking efficient security measures.

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