Solve Wholesale Risk Management with uVerifi

In today’s age, physical audits of assets can be costly and time-consuming, especially when it comes to wholesale loan portfolios. uVerifi, a revolutionary mobile self-audit solution by DataScan, in partnership with CheckVentory, aims to mitigate this by providing an alternative risk management tool for financial institutions. With uVerifi, users can swiftly authenticate a multitude of assets without the need for expensive equipment or specialized training.

Introducing uVerifi: The Mobile Self-Audit Solution

uVerifi is an innovative mobile platform that enables users to securely authenticate any number of assets rapidly via photographs. The application can be used by relationship managers, auditors, dealer employees, or authorized personnel with a mobile device. This self-audit solution reduces the need for skilled field auditors and saves time and money, while providing accurate and reliable results.

How uVerifi Saves Time and Improves Accuracy

uVerifi replaces the outdated method of validating assets by physically sending out a skilled field auditor. This mobile app has a simple and intuitive user interface that anyone authorized to use it can navigate easily, making the process hassle-free. One added benefit of uVerifi is that users can take secure photographs of assets in the field, ensuring that businesses can prioritize risk management while retaining their competitive edge.

In a statement, DataScan CEO Brian Koprowski expressed his excitement at the launch of uVerifi, hinting that “inventory risk management alternatives are critical to DataScan’s future.” With its powerful and innovative technology-driven audit solution, uVerifi is poised to revolutionize how financial institutions monitor their wholesale loan portfolios by providing them with an alternative risk mitigation tool.

DataScan and CheckVentory Partnership Revolutionizes Inventory Risk Management

DataScan and CheckVentory’s partnership marks their shared commitment to innovation and proactive problem-solving. The uVerifi platform has already generated a lot of interest from DataScan clients who were given a preview of the product. By empowering businesses with valuable insights and actionable intelligence, CheckVentory’s cutting-edge platform is used across Europe, Africa, and Australia, with a strong focus on innovation dedicated to delivering solutions that meet the ever-evolving needs of businesses.

With uVerifi, DataScan provides its clients with a cost-effective way to validate their assets, while CheckVentory supplies the innovative technology that sits underneath the hood of the product. This partnership between the two companies proves that when businesses collaborate, groundbreaking solutions are born.


uVerifi is set to become a game-changing solution for wholesale lenders, revolutionizing inventory risk management. As a leading provider of solutions for wholesale asset financing and inventory risk management, DataScan’s cutting-edge technology and expert advice ensure that their clients receive the highest level of service. DataScan is committed to delivering the same level of dedication and passion for many years to come.

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