Say Goodbye to Rental Fraud with Innovative Leasing Application

Rently has partnered with TURSS, a subsidiary of TransUnion, to offer a comprehensive, fast leasing application to single-family property managers. The application uses innovative AI technology for multi-layer security features that eliminate rental fraud and ensure quality tenants. The new “3-in-1” rental application can verify renter ID, income, and credit history, making it a one-stop-shop for property managers looking for reliable tenants.

Rently and TURSS Partnership Streamlines Leasing Application Process

The “3-in-1” rental application developed by Rently uses AI technology to offer a comprehensive solution to property managers-based needs. The solution can be integrated easily, saving managers time and allowing them to focus on what they do best. The innovative technology behind the leasing application checks renter ID, income, and credit history, making it easy to find quality tenants with minimal effort. With the new partnership with TURSS, property managers can also access a TruVision™ Resident Score designed to reduce bad debts, ensure they remain fully compliant with Fair Housing Act, and provide a comprehensive view of each applicant.

Innovative Features of 3-in-1 Rental Application by Rently

Rently’s “3-in-1” rental application is packed with features that give renters a better experience while saving them money. The iQual+™ feature helps renters avoid applying to homes they may not qualify for, thus avoiding unnecessary application fees. The application can also be shared and used by multiple renters applying as roommates. The features of the application save renters money and time through a seamless process. Renters can simply provide touring renters information, and Rently’s application instantly pre-fills up to 30%, connects immediately to bank account and TransUnion for financial verification and approval can be granted within hours.

Benefits of Rently’s Rental Application for Property Managers and Renters

  • Streamlined Process: The new application makes it easy for property managers to keep up with their responsibilities while saving time and reducing costs of verification.
  • Multi-Layer Security: The “3-in-1” rental application offers multiple layers of security to verify renter ID, income, and credit history, ensuring quality tenants and reducing the likelihood of rental frauds from happening.
  • Reduced Rental Fraud and Bad Debts: The TruVision™ Resident Score helps property managers identify the most qualified tenants, reducing bad debts, lowering evictions and skips, and ensuring managers comply with the Fair Housing Act
  • Saves Renters Money: Rently’s application offers features like iQual+™, which helps renters avoid paying unnecessary application fees, and can be transferred across multiple homes under the same management company and used by multiple renters applying as roommates.

Rently’s “3-in-1” rental application is a game-changer for single-family property managers looking for simple and fast leasing solutions. The partnership with TURSS is set to bring innovation to the industry, making it easier for property managers to find the right tenants while also giving renters a seamless experience. The application can suit a flexible “plug and play” solution and can seamlessly integrate with Rently’s popular touring and smart home platform. Visit Rently’s blog for more information or to schedule a demo today.

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