Spectrum Labs’ Healthy Behaviors AI Revolutionizes Content Moderation in AWS Marketplace

Spectrum Labs, a leader in Behavioral AI, has announced the enterprise product launch of its Healthy Behaviors AI solution in AWS Marketplace. The launch is aimed at improving user retention, user experience optimization, and revenue amplification efforts of online platforms. The solution is designed to capture toxic and illegal content like child grooming, radicalization, bullying, and hate speech that keyword-based solutions often miss. The catch-all solution is intended to reduce critical business risks and keep vulnerable populations safe.

Spectrum Labs Announces AWS Marketplace Partnership

Spectrum Labs is harnessing the power of AWS Marketplace to help platforms reach new markets and serve more customers. AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from ISVs that make it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Spectrum Labs’ Healthy Behaviors AI is now being used to remove and moderate toxic users and content at scale, building positive user interaction into game and app design. This process will drive retention, revenue, and engagement through a more positive user experience.

Powering Content Moderation with Healthy Behaviors AI

Leveraging the power of AWS and Healthy Behaviors AI permits ultra-low latency worldwide. Harmful content can be detected and removed in less than 20 milliseconds, which is about 5 times faster than the blink of an eye. Further, Spectrum Labs’ multi-language capability, powered by AWS, allows games and apps to scale their content moderation worldwide and use Amazon Rekognition to provide a full suite of content moderation AI capabilities. The solution helps automatically remove harmful content before it’s seen worldwide, using simple API calls.

Maximizing User Retention and Experience

The Healthy Behaviors AI solution is designed to activate the most helpful, encouraging, and friendly users or brand advocates on the platform. This process increases first-time user engagement and retention or allows those advocates to become brand influencers at scale. With the power of Healthy Behaviors AI, Spectrum Labs enables platforms to maximize their scale, moderation, and trust and safety efforts for their loyal and supportive user base.


AWS Marketplace users can now leverage the full suite of Spectrum Labs’ Healthy Behaviors AI solutions to eliminate all forms of toxic behavior from their platforms in real-time. The news is a positive development that promotes not only consumer protection but also enhances the experience of the users on the platform. By introducing a streamlined and automated solution for content moderation, Spectrum Labs is making the internet a safer and more inclusive place for all.


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