Revolutionizing Customer Experience: TruVideo Launches AI Suite for Dealerships and OEMs

TruVideo, the conversational commerce platform, has launched a comprehensive AI Suite aimed at enhancing the customer experience for dealerships and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). TruVideo’s AI-powered solutions drive customer engagement, understand buyer behavior, and help provide a first-class user experience.

TruVideo Launches AI Suite for Improved Customer Experience

The AI Suite is the first phase of TruVideo’s comprehensive range of solutions across the entire customer experience funnel. TruVideo’s AI Suite will assist dealerships and OEMs in professionalizing their communication and providing a personalized customer experience. The tools for video and messaging have already established a transparent and trustworthy relationship between customers and the dealerships. With this new AI Suite, TruVideo takes its services to the next level by understanding how the customers feel and finding the best way to respond in real time.

Features of TruVideo’s AI Suite for Dealerships and OEMs

The AI suite includes several powerful tools for dealerships and OEMs, such as Live Sentiment Analysis, Noise Cancellation, TruText, TruAssist, and AI Video Summaries. The Live Sentiment Analysis tool provides immediate insights into the customer experience, eliminating the need for surveys, and notifying the dealership staff in real-time when a customer needs extra attention. The Noise Cancellation tool delivers crystal-clear audio without background noise, increasing engagement and positive feedback for video content. The TruText is an AI-powered text analyzer, providing professional responses to customers’ inquiries, simplifying the work for staff members. The TruAssist automates common inquiries, creating efficiencies for staff members, and providing multiple replies based on the customer’s needs. Lastly, the AI Video Summaries summarize the inspection videos into concise text summaries, reducing review time for customers.

TruVideo’s AI Solutions Aim to Streamline Customer Experience

According to Douglas Chystall, CTO, and Co-Founder of TruVideo, “our AI professionalizes dealership communication by assisting personnel with suggested, grammatically-correct responses, providing a first-class customer experience.” Joe Shaker, CEO, and Co-Founder of TruVideo stated, “AI-backed solutions allow us to understand how our customers feel and respond in real time, owning the communication and better serving customers.” With TruVideo’s open API, the company collaborates with a number of partners to provide dealers with forward-thinking, best-in-class communication tools; interested parties can reach out to the partner coordinator at

The launch of TruVideo’s AI Suite marks a significant step towards improving the customer experience for dealerships and OEMs. With this new AI suite, TruVideo aims to combine advanced technology with a human touch to create a personalized and trustworthy experience for customers.

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