Webex Unveils Revolutionary AI Capabilities for Enhanced Hybrid Work

Cisco has revealed new purpose-built Webex artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to deliver unparalleled hybrid work experiences. The new AI capabilities span the Webex Suite, Devices, and CX platforms and deliver more personalized, inclusive, and exceptional work experiences that meet the needs of both employees and customers.

Webex Unveils AI Capabilities for Exceptional Hybrid Work Experience

Jeetu Patel, EVP, and GM, Security and Collaboration, Cisco, stated that ‘AI presents the next evolution of hybrid work, holding the key to unlocking a materially enhanced hybrid work and customer experience.’

The three main categories built on the Webex Platform include Reimagining Workspaces, Optimizing Collaboration, and Maximizing Customer Experience. The categories are built on hundreds of AI and machine learning features already in Cisco products.

Reimagining Workspaces: Webex Devices Enhance Cinematic Meeting Experience

Webex is expanding its video intelligence in its devices, following advanced AI capabilities present in Cisco Collaboration devices today. Cinematic meetings on Cisco Collaboration devices provide the most optimal view in any meeting, while cameras follow individuals through voice and facial recognition, switching views automatically to capture the best angle of the active speaker.

The meeting zones capability allows IT admins to set virtual boundaries for any collaboration space in the office, turning it into a meeting zone. People are framed individually in a condensed view, leaving any blank space out of view.

Maximizing Customer Experience: New AI Capabilities for Webex Contact Center

Customer expectations are at an all-time high, and organizations have billions of interactions with customers daily. It has become impossible for agents and legacy systems to keep up with the volume, velocity, and disparity of interactions and the personalization required to address this.

Webex Contact Centre now has an Actionable Insights feature that surfaces key reasons customers are calling into the contact center, allowing business analysts to model trends succinctly and proactively adapt to meet customers’ needs. Agent Answers feature listens and acts as a real-time coach for the human agent, surfacing knowledge base articles and helpful information the agent can instantly provide to the customer. Automated Chat Summaries provide a faster, automated way to consume long-form text from customer chats and provide key takeaways in a quickly digestible format. Finally, Automated code generates code instantly to describe the function required.

New Webex AI capabilities will be rolled out over 2023.

Cisco is the world leader in technology that powers the Internet. Cisco inspires new possibilities by reimagining applications, securing data, transforming infrastructure, and empowering teams for a global and inclusive future.


Webex’s AI capabilities are essential for building remarkable experiences for hybrid workers and customers, and the newly launched AI features cater to a wide range of needs at any given interaction. This, in combination with Cisco’s natural language understanding, audio and video intelligence, and AI investment, empowers customers to deliver exceptional hybrid work and customer experience outcomes based on their datasets while protecting confidentiality and privacy.

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