• Jan- 2023 -
    11 January
    Newssuccess startup stories

    Startup Success Stories to Keep Yourself Motivated

    Today, you’ll see many popular worldwide brands and business startups and can think that they become successful overnight. But it’s not true; just ask any of them, and there is no straight and smooth path to success. They’ve done hard…

  • Feb- 2021 -
    15 February
    NewsCovid-19: the semantic con

    Covid-19: the semantic con

    Is Covid-19 the worst or onw of the worst pandemics in history? Before we start our analysis let’s make things clear from the beginning. Here we don’t aim at denying the existance of Covid-19. We are, instead, discussing the perception…

  • Nov- 2020 -
    19 November
    NewsSpace X: the historical launch took place

    Space X: the historic launch took place

    It happened! The whole world was waiting for this moment which will be part of history. It is the first time a private comoany actively had a role in sending humans in orbit. Do not miss the description of the…

  • 9 November
    NewsArtificial Intelligence: what do you know about it?

    Artificial Intelligence: what do you know about it?

    We are flooded everyday with news and updates about artificial intelligence, or AI, and that may lead us to think that we already mastered it. The hollywood movies depict us on the brink of war with our metal-made inventions but…

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