Terra Drone Acquires Avirtech, Uplifting Southeast Asia Agriculture

Terra Drone Corporation, a prominent drone and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) innovator, spreads its wings into the precision agriculture industry by purchasing Avirtech. The latter is a well-established startup providing agricultural drone spraying and mapping services in Southeast Asia.

Terra Drone Expands into Precision Agriculture

After acquiring Avirtech, Terra Drone is establishing a new company, Terra Drone Agri, in Malaysia. Known for reducing pesticide use and lowering carbon footprints, the services from Avirtech and Terra Drone bring farmers one step closer to sustainable farming practices. With a new business brand “Terra Agri”, they plan on developing their business further in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Avirtech’s Impact on Palm Oil Production

Specializing in pesticide spraying and mapping through drones and AI, Avirtech has helped palm oil farmers and plantation companies minimize crop failures and reduce operational costs by an impressive 30%. With up to 4,000 daily flights, Avirtech has provided scientific cultivation for over 200,000 hectares of land in Indonesia and Malaysia. However, with high palm oil production comes problems like deforestation, ecological damage and labor shortages. Nevertheless, Avirtech’s work helps solve labor shortages, increases worker safety, and boosts industry productivity. In addition it supports sustainable palm oil production and delivers as an ESG investment.

The Growth of Terra Agri in Southeast Asia

By bringing together Terra Drone’s global lead in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology and Avirtech’s proficiency in precision farming, they are giving rise to significant growth of their new endeavor, Terra Agri. The primary focus market for this new venture is Indonesia and Malaysia.

This merger between Terra Drone and Avirtech is expected to bring about a significant change in the operations of palm oil farms in Indonesia and Malaysia, providing added value to farmers and the agriculture industry as a whole, while also having significant impacts in terms of environmental and labor improvements. Surely, the growth of Terra Agri will be one to watch in the Southeast Asian agricultural sector.

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