The Poken Company raised $ 10.7M ICO in just 3 Weeks

The Poken Company has successfully raised $10.7M in just 3 weeks. Following this, it announced one of the largest ICOs in recent years. It uses “Poken”. Poken is a cryptocurrency designed specifically to access and pay for adult content. Nearly $1.5 billion Poken (PKN) was issued to the company.

About The Poken Company

The Poken Company was created in May 2021 by 2 seasoned scale-up entrepreneurs and hyper-growth enthusiasts: Nils Lataillade & Marco Garniga. They were accompanied by a legend of the adult content industry: Fred Coppula. It relies on blockchain technology and on NFTs or non-Fungible Tokens. This is to help make the adult content market responsible, fair, and more robust. Consequently, the non-Fungible Tokens were renamed as NFPs – contraction of token and Poken. The Poken Company aims to transform the world of adult content. They aim to make it more ethical, transparent, and fair for creators and consumers alike. Pokmi is its first platform for adult content accessible via NFPs.

More about the ICO of The Poken Company

The initial coin offering was carried out with 8,379 private investors. However, these were mainly the members of the Pokmi community, an adult content platform accessible via NFPs, created by The Poken Company. This proves to be the most important cryptocurrency fundraiser because of the mobilization of the community.

The investment tickets range from $ 100 to $ 500,000, for a total of $ 10.7M or 1,493,335,036 Pokens ($ PKN) sold. Hence, a third of this amount will be re-injected into our Pokmi platform to consolidate our ambition. Which is to transform the world of adult content into a more responsible, more ethical, and more robust sector for creators and consumers alike.

Nils Lataillade, co-founder and co-CEO of The Poken Company
Screenshot 2021 09 18 at 11.39.53 AM The Poken Company raised $ 10.7M ICO in just 3 Weeks

Main missions of Pokmi

Pokmi is a synonym for the responsible, fair, and robust solution to create and access unique adult content. Created in 2021, Pokmi is the first decentralized adult content platform based on blockchain technology and NFPs (NonFungile-Pokens). It already welcomes more than 60,000 members in Europe and internationally.

Furthermore, it offers a fairer, more transparent, and ethical model to content creators by placing them at the center of the economic equation. At the same time, It transforms the world of adult content with the latest technologies and innovations. Moreover, the platform guarantees only those who are 18 and over an experience, quality, unique, secure, and authentic content thanks to Blockchain technology. Furthermore, it promotes ethical, inclusive, and educational values, supported by its partners and ambassadors. It perfectly leverages AI and machine learning tools to solve systemic issues in your market.

” Our platform is the most successful and exciting on the market. Porn professionals from all over the world are reaching out to us and are all very excited and eager to activate their accounts on the platform and to sell their first NFPs. We have already signed 60 of the 100 stars that we dreamed of welcoming for our fans on our product “- declares Fred Coppula, co-founder of Pokmi & director emeritus of films reserved for an informed public.

A sustainable response to the financing needs of the global adult entertainment industry

Thus to become a sustainable model of financing, the $ PKN, a cryptocurrency specially designed by The Poken Company, will be listed on several international exchange centers.

  • DEX (decentralized exchanges) listing – Uniswap and Pancakeswap from September 21
  • CEX Listing (Centralized Exchanges) – from October / November 2021

Marco Garniga, co-founder & co-CEO of the project alongside Nils & Fred further added to it. They said “There is a very strong market expectation around our crypto and our platform. All of our investors are aware that the new uses have all been adopted first by the 18+ industry and then by the rest of society. We believe really that Blockchain represents the future of this market, both on the creation side and on the buy and distribute side.”

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