Twingate Unleashes Game-Changing MSP Portal for Enhanced Security

Twingate is paving the way for secure network management through its new innovation, the Twingate MSP Portal. Developed for managed service providers (MSPs) and their clientele, this intuitive platform is leading the Zero Trust security model into a future brimming with growth opportunities.

Introducing the New Twingate MSP Portal

This transformative portal consolidates necessary components for network protection, management, and monitoring, all under one centralized, user-friendly interface. With its rapid deployment features – achievable in about 15 minutes – MSPs can swiftly and efficiently administer much-needed security elements to follow strict compliance regulations and potentially lower cyber insurance premiums. Transitioning between multiple Twingate networks has also become a seamless process, making the Twingate MSP Portal a top-notch choice for MSPs.

The Benefits of Zero Trust with Twingate

The Zero Trust model is being embraced and integrated by a rising number of MSPs, as cyber threats show no signs of abating. The Twingate MSP Portal enhances network resilience by closing off entry points and eliminating exposure to the public Internet, all while enhancing productivity for MSPs. In addition, the Portal can become the central orchestration part of a unique Zero Trust ecosystem, showcasing Twingate’s commitment to providing integrated solutions for enhanced customer security.

How Twingate Optimizes the User Experience

Twingate believes in the power of user experience. With legacy VPNs, frequent dropped connections are a common complaint. Such issues could divert resources from strategic projects, forcing MSPs to focus on maintaining their VPNs. Twingate’s unique architecture utilizes modern technologies to create direct peer-to-peer connections, resulting in faster connections, satisfied end users, and peace of mind for MSPs. As an added advantage, their offering is reportedly faster by almost 97% in comparison to traditional VPNs and other ZTNA solutions.

In conclusion, the Twingate MSP Portal is not only revolutionizing network management but also setting a new benchmark for user experience and security. With its focus on creating adaptive products for MSPs, Twingate is surely writing a new narrative in the cyber security domain.

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