Unlock Digital Value in Gaming & Hospitality with Chief Digital Officer, says Info-Tech’s Timely Report

In today’s world, digital transformation is essential to remain relevant in any industry and Gaming & Hospitality industry is no exception. Info-Tech Research Group has recently published a report, “The Use of Chief Digital Officer in Gaming & Hospitality,” which helps IT and organizational leaders create value through digital.

Gaming & Hospitality Industry Goes Digital

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the landscape of the Gaming & Hospitality industry, forcing it to adapt quickly to meet the changing needs of customers. Digital is now embedded throughout the IT ecosystem, but many organizations are struggling to integrate it properly. The new report from Info-Tech Research Group explains how the industry can modernize the role of IT by unlocking enterprise value through digital.

Benefits of Embedding a Chief Digital Officer

The report strongly recommends role of a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) in Gaming & Hospitality companies to embed digital throughout the IT ecosystem. The CDO will sit within IT and help leadership to understand digital culture, enabling them to create a digitally enabled IT department. The report also provides a comprehensive answer to questions about why organizations need a digital leader, where they need to sit and how their presence can benefit Gaming & Hospitality organizations.

Two Journeys to Implement Digital into the IT Ecosystem

The report by the Info-Tech Research Group outlines two three-step journeys for the Gaming & Hospitality industry to embed digital in IT. Which journey to take depends on the organization’s level of IT maturity:

  • Journey #1 – If the IT department is viewed as a “business partner” or “innovator”: make the case to roll digital into IT, redesign the organizational structure, and define the digital business strategy through cross-collaborative efforts.
  • Journey #2 – If the IT department is viewed as a “trusted operator” or below: define the digital business strategy through cross-collaborative efforts, redesign the organizational structure, and make the case to roll digital into IT.

Additionally, the report also provides three ways to embed the CDO role into Gaming & Hospitality companies, each with its distinct responsibilities and reporting structure.


The Gaming & Hospitality industry needs to embrace the digital era to combat significant changes that are reshaping the value such as eCommerce, online sports betting, and iGaming. The report enlightens industry leaders to efficiently prioritize high-level innovations. The gaming industry must unlock its enterprise value through digital, and Info-Tech Research Group’s new report will help. By embracing the digital era and embedding digital leadership within IT, Gaming & Hospitality organizations will benefit from better operational efficiency and resiliency for years to come.

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